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20 Battle Maps for your Nautical or Pirate Games

Last week, I shared some maps for wild west games. This week, I have had The Seas of Vodari in my thoughts and I know many folks will be starting games in that wonderful setting very soon, as the books are in the process of shipping now. With that in mind, I thought that I would return to the sea and share some more wonderful battle maps that I hope you not only like, but also find as useful as I do.

Full disclosure, this is NOT my work. This magnificent cartography is all the work of Ross McConnell and the links all go to his site, If you like what you see there, consider tossing a coin or two his way. All of the maps linked below are PWYW / $1. Enough jaw-flapping, here's the list of 20 Battle Maps for your Nautical or Pirate Games.

  1. A Shipyard

  2. An Island Map

  3. A Colossal Turtle

  4. A Jungle Wetlands with Boat

  5. Treasure!

  6. Sea Monsters!

  7. A Coastal Shipwreck

  8. Flotsam and Jetsam

  9. Ocean Water

  10. A Longship

  11. A Dragon Boat

  12. A Rowboat

  13. A Sailing Ship

  14. A Lighthouse

  15. A Seaside Cliff

  16. A Beach

  17. A Beached Shipwreck

  18. A Rocky Coastline

  19. A Galleon

  20. A Coastal Town

While these maps and resources might not be perfect for every game, I feel they are a useful addition to a GM's toolbox because they are useable for both VTT and IRL games. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. As always, thanks for your time and happy gaming

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