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Angelfish Island

Today, I would like to share with you the small island of Angelfish. Roughly 7 nautical miles from North to South and about 7 and a half nautical miles from East to West at the widest point, the island takes its name from its shape. Angelfish island has a small military outpost with a commanding view of the eastern approach to the island. Fort Pelican and the two ships assigned to the protect the island make approaching it by ship, without being boarded and searched, a near impossibility. The fort controls all of the trade that comes to the island and the small town of Seabreeze grows weary of this arrangement. Hidden deep within the thick jungle on the island is the Whispering Bamboo Forest - a place of legend where it is said that one can commune with the ancestors if one can master the secrets of the bamboo. A secret monestary, known to only the faithful following the proper path, was built here to help teach and guide the monks seeking to learn the secrets. Neither the fort, nor the town know about the monestary as no one has explored more than a few hundred feet into the deadly jungle. Please feel free to use Angelfish Island as you see fit. Thanks for your time and Happy Gaming!

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