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A Pirate's Dozen of Magic Items for Skalliwags and Swashbucklers

     Welcome to the crew of the Black Shark. We share and share alike here and no one gets any special meals or extra portions from the cook. Work hard and it will serve us all well. Slack off and I'll throw ye to the sharks. Simple, no? I've told the quarter-master to open the rum barrels as needed and I'm sure you can already smell the fish, chickens and roast pig that cookie's been slavin' over the whole morning. Enjoy yourselves here on the beach tonight mates, tomorrow we sail. Oh, there's just a few more things that I'd be wanting to show you.

     In my time sailing seas to numerous to count, I have come across many items of wonder. I share them openly with you. Use them as you need them, but don't take too many. That'd be getting the rest of the crew thinking that you thought that you were privileged and, truly mate, you'd not want to see what this lot does to those what consider themselves "privileged". Take what you want, leave what you don't. 

1. Cursed Bullets - a small leather bag containing 25 lead balls -- shot for pistols that was cursed by the sea hag Thessalonike. Any piece of this  ammunition used has a -5 modifier to hit its intended target. Additionally, if the modifier brings the total of the roll to 0 or less, then the gun that fired the ammo explodes. Now imagine that some gentleman has challenged you to a duel for your improper looks and comments to his beloved or the governor's firing squad is about to bring the King's justice to you or some other brother of the coast. Are you beginning to see the uses for these cursed bullets now mate?

2. Cutlass of Crazed Courage - this cutlass was taken from the dead claws of a sahuagin champion who fought like the devil himself. Once per day, when the cutlass is drawn from its sheath, the wielder fights as if they have consumed a potion of heroism. The item recharges each night at midnight, if it has been used during the previous 24 hours.

3. Hat of the Skalliwag - a rather normal-

looking sailor's cap. While wearing this cap and being within 20 feet of at least two other people, the wearer cannot be recognized without magical means (true sight) unless he or she wishes to be.

4. Coat of the Negotiator - a fine sea coat of deep indigo with golden buttons and trim. Not only does this jacket serve as +1 padded armor with NO disadvantage to stealth, it also grants the wearer advantage on Charisma (Persuation) rolls.

5. Cane Sword of the Gentleman - a fine ebony wood walking stick with a hard brass tip and an eloborate scrimshaw handle depicting a beautiful mermaid. Concealed inside the wooden scabbard is a +2 rapier. 

6. "Everlasting" Rum Bottle - a small leather bottle about the size of half a pint that is filled with high quality rum. The bottle will always seem to be at least half-full. The bottle only runs out of rum when the crew the sailor who carries it is a part of is in dire peril. For example, if the ship is being stalked by a kracken, the bottle will suddenly be empty.

7. Sailor's Ear Stud - a simple platinum stud to be worn in whichever ear lobe the owner wishes. The stud functions exactly like a ring of swimming AND a ring of free action, but only when the wearer is under water.

8. Sailor's Ear Ring - a simple small gold hoop that can be worn in either ear. The wearer is able to understand and speak the Aquan language.

9. Rat's Tail of Warning - a severed rat's tail from a dead rat. If you've ever heard about rats fleeing a sinking ship, then you'll understand the use of this item. The tail will begin twitching furiously if the vessel its owner is on has taken 75% or more of its structural hit points.

10. Fairy Bottle - a small glass bottle with a stopper that smells of roses and lilacs when empty and open. This item is used to attract and capture pixies. The bottle can only hold one pixie at a time. Once a pixie is trapped within the bottle, the owner of the bottle can use it to cast any spell that the pixie can normally cast. Doing so has a 1 in 6 cumulative chance to kill the pixie within the bottle.

11. Rat Skull Medallion - a small necklace bearing a gilded rat's skull with small rubies inset in the eye sockets. The medallion gives the owner both the ability to speak with rats and the ability to cast animal friendship upon them, as if the character were a 5th level druid.

12. Eye Patch of the Navigator - an ornate black leather eye patch decorated and trimmed with silver. The owner may use the patch 1/day to cast a limited commune spell in which the questions must relate to either the weather, the course, or the ship for the correct answer  to be known.

13. Compass of Remembering - a small portable compass on a lanyard that appears to be broken. The owner of this item must attune to it for it to work for them. Once attuned, the compass can "remember" any place that the owner has been since they have owned the compass and can "point the way" back there with unerring accuracy.

These items compliment some others that I did about three years ago, 10 Diabolically Cursed Magic Items, which you might also enjoy. If you do enjoy these blog entries, please check out my page at DriveThruRPG by clicking here. I thank you for your time and support. As always, happy gaming to you and yours.



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