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13 Pieces of Garbage to Litter your Dungeon

Once again we will be looking at some elements that might be found in a dungeon. Last week we looked over some  dungeon graffiti . This week we are looking at garbage. Most dungeons do not have a cleaning and maintenance crew to keep everything in good condition. Over time, things deteriorate or are broken by either exploring adventurers or wandering monstrosities. Below are 20 examples of trash that might be found while exploring a dungeon that you can either use in your own games or as "food for thought". As always, thanks for stopping by and happy gaming!

An old weapons rack filled with rusty polearms, axes, and swords. Wait, this one isn't rusty at all. It must be cursed.

Broken jugs, crocks and pottery litter the wet floor. Is that oil, wine, or both spilled all over the floor? Hey Carl, bring your torch over here.

A tied-closed burlap sack filled with rotting meat and wet, foul-smelling dung. Who filled this thing and why?

Five skeletons, (two humans, an elf, a dwarf and a halfling), wearing rusty armor and empty, rotting backpacks. There are no weapons or equipment of worth to be found. 

A broken door hangs half off its hinges, the back side of it is charred black. The furnishings inside the small room are burnt nearly to cinders and the smell of burn still hangs in the air.

A gaping hole in the hallway stretches from side to side and is 10 feet or more across. The hole is 20 feet deep and a skeleton, wearing tattered rags of leather, lies at the bottom, impaled by 10 inch spikes.

A 10 foot tall statue of a Diva lies upon the floor; it has fallen from its plinth. Its left wing is broken in half and its right wing is missing entirely. The statue lies face down; its hands seem to be covering its eyes. 

A collapsed section of ceiling litters and mostly blocks the corridor. The rotting remains of an orc are buried by the rubble. Only its mailed left arm and shoulder are visable beyond the rubble. It is long dead. 

A once rich carpet woven primarily in various shades of red and gold lies on the floor. It is now weathered, stained with blood and ichor, and covered in crawling centipedes and waterbugs. A sharp eye might spot a scrap of parchment hidden under the corner.

Tiny cracks spread up the wall and into the ceiling, none are larger than an inch wide. Movement in the area turns out to be hundreds of tiny beetles, but beyond the bugs in the cracks is the glint of silver.

In the middle of a richly appointed room, faded by age, lies a padded, red velvet lined sarcophagus with a red satin pillow. The room appears lived in, but the sarcophagus is empty.

Three completely web-covered body shapes are, upon closer investigation, just mummified skin bags filled with thousands of baby spiders.

Rotting tapestries hang upon the walls. They depict adventurers fighting various mythological beasts. Some of the figures seem to be moving, but closer investigation shows the movement is from hand-sized flying cockroaches crawling around, not the tapestries themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this garbage for your dungeons. Next week we will be returning to the water with some ships to encounter while voyaging on the high seas. If you do enjoy these blog entries, please check out my page at DriveThruRPG by clicking the banner below. Thanks for your support.

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