• Mark S. Cookman

13 Pieces of Graffiti to Decorate your Dungeons

Graffiti can be found nearly everywhere in our modern culture, as well as in many ancient ruins. It only stands to reason that it may litter the walls, floors, and ceilings of dungeons and ruins in fantasy settings as well. Please find below 20 examples of graffiti that you can use in your own games or as inspiration to create your own better random art and inscriptions. As always, thanks for stopping by and happy gaming.

Fresh white chalk markings spell out "Beware Undead Ahead" in common. After a few moments the message disappears and then rewrites itself in elvish script. A few moments later it reappears in dwarven and then cycles back to common.

A simple, but artistic, picture of a human archer standing in a heroic pose is accompanied by a message in common that reads "No one shoots like Thorval". Both picture and words are aged and weathered.

Finger painted in blood in a stylized way is a single word: "KingSlayers" on either end of the word is a simple drawing of a crown.

A large, crude drawing of a beholder done with chalk and charcoal appears above an arrow pointing forward. Both drawing and arrow are faded and show signs of great age.

In an artistic style with multi-colored paints, the message "Labelas Enoreth shows the way" written in elvish script appears within a beautiful picture of the setting sun. The picture and message seem to show no signs of wear or age.

An old and faded message written in charcoal in a symbolic language most won't understand (Thieves Cant) reads "Need new lockpicks? See Guy Redcloak in the Dew Drop Inn"

Written in orcish in charcoal and highlighted with white chalk is the message "Grognax is strongest! You lick Grognax ....." The last word can't be read.

Weathered charcoal runes in dwarvish read "2 lefts 1 right secret door at deadend to stairs down" 

Old carvings crudely cut into the wall spell out in goblin, "Poison darts drop down kill you" There are also crudely drawn arrows pointing down.

In fresh white chalk a message in common leaps from the walls of the entrance in large even letters, "Go home losers. This establishment has already been plundered by an elite team." 

Finger painted in blood are 3 groupings of arcane symbols related to the cults of Fenmarel Mestarine, god of the feral elves.

Carved and painted, but faded with age, is the message, "Beware the vampire who dwells within these crumbling halls." in common.

Multicolored, but faded, the message carefully lettered in common can clearly be read, "Lose Something? Need it Found? Whether it's above or below the ground contact Kringlebach the Rockhound, Gnome Detective. Davros City"

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