• Mark S. Cookman

13 More Riddles to Confound both You and Your Players

Here are 13 more riddles for your games, but this time with a bit of a twist. You'll find all the answers below, but they're in an ancient script. It's a collection of riddles, wrapped in a mystery and hidden inside a cypher. All available to both baffle your players and entertain you. No matter how you choose to use them, I wish you happy gaming.

I leave everytime someone says my name. What am I?

The poor have me. The rich crave me.  If you eat me only, then you will die. What am I?

I grow in the dark, yet shine in the light. The paler I am, the more I am liked. My craftsman never gets paid, but never goes on strike. What am I?

Thirty men and just two ladies, Having good old-fashioned fun; Some matter more, and some matter less, But any one can get the job done. What am I? 

I stand straight up. I’m tough to move. I’m buried in the ground and etched and grooved. Once I’m yours, I’m yours to keep. When people need me, others weep. What am I? 

If I’m long, I may be heavy. I’m one thing that’s made of many. I’m a whole that’s made of holes. Sometimes I keep two things together, other times I just sit and pose. What am I? 

Sometimes I'm bought; sometimes I'm sold. Sometimes I'm kept and sometimes I'm told. I’m most potent when I’m unexpected. I make careers out of being intercepted. What am I?

I’m something fairly common; you see me all around. I live on the water, in the air, and on the ground. But here’s something not so common about me, as I grow up, I grow down. What am I? 

I can hold a mountain up and keep down the whole sea. The closer you get, the further I flee. You can run forever, but you can’t catch up to me. What am I? 

People love it when they see me. I appear both strictly and routinely. I typically stay in the sky, but I cannot float, move, or fly. What am I? 

I’m easy to look at, but impossible to see. An eight’s an eight, a three’s an E, and an E’s a three to me. What am I? 

My full power comes only when my makers are dead. I await a heavy hat to put upon my head. What am I? 

Forwards I am heavy, but backwards I am not. What am I? 














If you enjoyed these riddles and this puzzle (despite their simplicity), please let us know. If you missed the previous collection of riddles, you can find them here.  Also, please check out the collection of RPG stuff we have, both here on the site for free and available for sale at DrivethruRPG.




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