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A Pirate's Dozen of Riddles for Fantasy Roleplaying

Sorry that I've been lost at sea for a while. I'm back today with a collection of riddles that can be used by a sphynx or by any npc that would play at riddles. I apologize in advance for the simplicity of these riddles; I'm sure true puzzle-masters have solved most of these already in another form. Even so, I hope that you enjoy them. Here are a Pirate's Dozen of Riddles for Fantasy Roleplaying. Happy gaming.

A paladin on horseback spots a lone orc raider at the edge of a dense woods. The paladin spurs his horse as the orc slips deeper into the forest. How far can the orc flee into the woods? -- halfway, if he runs farther, he will be running out of the woods.

Among simple time-keeping devices, the sundial has fewest moving pieces, what simple timekeeper has the most? -- an hourglass has thousands of grains of tiny grains of sand.

The more you take in this dungeon; the more you leave behind. What is it? -- footsteps 

I'm the part of the bird not in the sky. I can swim in the sea, yet remain dry as can be. What am I? -- a shadow 

What runs around the castle without moving at all? -- its wall 

What is it that everybody needs, everybody gives, everybody asks, but few ever take? -- advice 

It may only be given, not taken or bought. It's what the sinner desires, but the saint does not. What is it? -- forgiveness 

Where is a place, easy to find, where yesterday always follows today? -- dictionary 

They arrive at night without being called and disappear in the morning without being stolen. What are they? -- the stars 

It is always coming, but it never arrives. What is it? -- Tomorrow 

You cannot keep this thing until after you have given it away. What is it? -- a promise 

What is put upon the table and cut, but never eaten? -- a deck of cards 

From what heavy seven letter word can you take two letters and leave behind eight? -- Freight (or weights) 

If you enjoyed these riddles or have some of your own that you're willing to share, please let us know. Also, check out the collection of RPG stuff we have, both here on the site for free and available for sale at DrivethruRPG .




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