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Wyatt's Rangers - NPC Heroes for Your Post Apocalypse Game

Today's post is a little different than most that appear here, although it stays within our current post apocalyptic theme. I don't create many NPC's to share, as I feel that is something that each DM/GM must do on their own. Wyatt Ferris is a different case, let me explain why.

This week I encountered the following post on one of the Facebook groups that I follow:

I was moved by this because I am a father and I wanted to help in whatever small way I could. I created this NPC using the Ultramodern 5e rules for 2 post apocalypse games that I am currently running. He is a 10th level Marshal (much like a modern paladin) and is usually accompanied by 2d6 of his Rangers, (I use the Band Brothers NPCs on p 124 of Ultramodern 5e) a group of 5th - 8th level Grounders (Fighters).

Here's a little NPC introduction speech that could be made by a traveller in the wastes, a Diamond City settler, a caravanner, a Diamond City merchant, or any bartender near Diamond City:

"Wyatt Ferris, the leader of Wyatt's Rangers, is the only man I know who's crossed the wastes several times. Why he and his boys have killed more raiders than you can count. If you're lookin' for some lost vault out in the radioactive wastes, then you should talk to Wyatt. Heck, maybe even hire him as a guide. Wyatt's Rangers works out of a tent encampment inside Diamond City. Just ask anyone around there, they'll be able to show you the way. Many of them owe their lives to Wyatt and his boys."

Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I always encourage my readers to make their own whatever and this time is no different. I encourage you to create your own Wyatt NPC and add him into your own games. Just be sure to use the hashtags #Play4Wyatt and #WyattNPC so that Julie and her family can follow along.

When you make your own Wyatt NPC, you may want to use some artwork. The fantastic artwork of Wyatt to the left of this text was created by Fat Goblin Games and is available for free. You can click on either the link above or the picture to be taken to where you can get the art.

I apologize for the "old school" hand-written sheet; I will get a link up to a proper .pdf next week.

Thanks for your time. Until next week, fair winds, following seas, and happy gaming!

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