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5 Robotic Monsters or Minions for D&D 5e

"OK, WTF? Robots for D&D 5e?!? Why would you waste your time making such things?" This is what my brain has been screaming at me since I came up with the idea for this blog post. The short answer is because I needed them for a game that I am running. Why I chose to share them with everyone is still a mystery to even me. Probably because I heartily believe that variety is the spice of life and this is decidedly different from the stuff that I normally post. I wish that I could say that I had the idea all on my own, but that would be untrue. We owe this departure into robotics to the inspiration from Dias Ex Machina games fantastic product Ultramodern 5e. If you haven't checked it out, then you should.

I recently purchased this book and I must say that it has really breathed new life into our D&D group. We were tired of the same old dungeon crawl long ago and my long-running pirate game has been fun, but even it has grown stale after 2.5 years. When I introduced the book to my group, I was overwhelmed by the reactions. Suddenly everyone was engaged and discussing what the new campaign should be. Several suggestions were made including a ShadowRun type game, a Heist Team game (like a cross between Payday 2 and Leverage), a Deep Space Exploration game, a Dresden Files type game and a Fallout type game. In the end, Fallout got the most votes. So now you know the real reason for the robots. It is my hope that you can find some way to use them in your own campaigns. Even in a fantasy game, they could be ancient or alien artifacts or perhaps sophisticated clockwork made by a master tinker. However you choose to use them, I hope that you enjoy 5 Robotic Monsters or Minions for D&D 5e. Until next time, fair winds, following seas, and happy gaming!

Fire/Rescue Bots


Number Appearing: 1-6

AC: 13

HP: 50

1 Attacks:

High Pressure Nozzle +5 to hit 5 Dmg (1d3+3) Special Attack: Foam Dump (See Below)

Alignment: Neutral

Intelligence: Average (10 - 11)

Size: M (5' Long)

Speed: 40 feet (flying)

Fire/Rescue Bots were created to put out fires and rescue people from burning buildings. With two large gravity repulsors to keep them in the air, the bots are capable of flying with a load of 400 lbs (182 Kg). An ultrastrong net sling deploys under the unit when it needs to carry something or someone. In addition to the high pressure water nozzle (which has 15 shots before it must be recharged), Fire/Rescue Bots can dispense a flame extinguishing foam capable of covering a 10' cube. Creatures caught in the foam must make both STR and DEX saves at disadvantage to escape the area due to the sticky nature of the foam. These robots are NOT normally programmed to attack people, but malfunctions and evil manipulations can occur.

Spy Bots


Number Appearing: 1

AC: 20/15

HP: 75

3 Attacks:

Laser Eye +5 to hit 10 Dmg (1d8+6) Special Attack: Area Effect Stun Blast (See Below)

Alignment: Neutral

Intelligence: Genius (17 - 18)

Size: S (3' in Diameter)

Speed: 30 feet (flying)

Spy Bots are dangerous and clever robots most often found patrolling ancient battlefields or exploring once-secure facilities. Spy Bots have a cloaking ability that makes them quite difficult to hit (AC 20) while it is engaged; once in combat, they become visible and easier to hit (AC 15). The main weapon on a Spy Bot is its front-mounted, rotating laser eye, which has a 180 degree field of vision. Once every 3 rounds, a Spy Bot can make a stun blast attack to a 20 foot cubic area no farther than 50 feet in front of its main eye. Targets within range must succeed at two consecutive DC 15 CON checks to not be stunned for 1d3 rounds. Spy Bots collect and record a vast amount of information before returning to their base to securely download the data into a larger computer.



Number Appearing: 1-20

AC: 13 or worn armor

HP: 50

2 Attacks:

Fist +5 to hit 9 Dmg (1d6+6)

Or by weapon type Special Attack: None

Alignment: Neutral

Intelligence: Ranges from Average (10 - 11) to Super-Genius (20)

Size: M (5' - 7' Tall)

Speed: 30 feet

Synthetics are robots that are made to look and act like people. They come in a myriad of different forms from "Hall of Presidents" type robots and duplicates of popular media icons to the more utilitarian house servants and foot soldiers. They may be aware that they are robots or they might believe that they are human.

Scout Drones


Number Appearing: 1-2

AC: 18

HP: 110

2 Attacks:

Light Machine Cannon +3 to hit 7 dmg (1-10+2) Special Attack: Sonic Nauseator (See Below)

Alignment: Neutral

Intelligence: Sub-Genius (15 - 16)

Size: M (5' Tall)

Speed: 30 feet (flying)

Scout Drones are front-line soldier robots assigned to military units. Although they are completely autonomous, Scout Drones can send what they see and hear to a remote tablet and can take orders from the tablet, as well. The range for the secure and encrypted communication of this sort is 100 Meters. Scout Drones have a single manipulator arm with a claw that allows them to place and retrieve items weighing less than 50 lbs (23 Kg). These robots usually fly high over the terrain recording and transmitting as they go. In addition to their light machine cannon turret, Scout Drones also have a non-lethal attack in the form of a sound attack that forces everyone in a 20 foot cube to make a DC 15 CON at disadvantage. Those who fail will have uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea for 1d3 rounds.

Junk Bots


Number Appearing: 1

AC: 13 (or more)

HP: 30

2 Attacks:

by weapon type Special Attack: See Below

Alignment: Neutral

Intelligence: Average (10 - 11) to Genius (17 - 18)

Size: M (5' Tall)

Speed: 20 feet (walking)

Junk Bots are special creations made by robotics techs from pieces and parts of other robots and computers to fulfill a variety of roles. Most often, Junk Bots are companions to carry things and perform simple functions like telling the time, acting as a compass, acting as a mobile flashlight. Depending upon the "junk" used to build up the robot, it might also be able to play music, extinguish fires, or act as a geiger counter. Junk Bots can have weapons, but they are USUALLY not sophisticated. Likewise, they could have Special Attacks, but such Junk Bots would certainly be rare. The AC of the Junk Bots depend completely upon the type and quantity of armor they have. These bots are usually NOT fast or strong, but anything is possible.

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