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20 Unexpected Travel Delays

It's been a long time since I posted here and I am sorry for that. Rest assured that I have been quite busy. My wife, our son and I have purchased and moved aboard a sailboat. We are working to repair, refit, and provision her for cruising around the world. This has kept me much busier than I expected, plus there was about 6 weeks when we were completely without internet access. If you are interested in the ongoing trials and tribulations of new boat owners, then you may want to check out the News and Events page. The fact that it has taken me so long to get back to this blog is the reason for today's topic: Unexpected Travel Delays.

The idea behind using this list is that the party has been in a foreign town for some amount of time, either recouping from their last adventure or preparing to go out on a quest, and they are finally ready to leave. The plan is to leave town and everyone is ready, but things DON'T always go as planned. Without further ado, here are 20 Unexpected Travel Delays for your reading pleasure. Until next time, happy gaming!

1) The omens are bad for travel today. Everyone knows it and seems surprised that you so easily choose to ignore the will of the gods.

2) It's the princess's birthday and everyone inside the gates will celebrate it with her. The roads are closed today by noble decree.

3) The gatekeeper's guild is on strike; no one will leave the city today.

4) An earthquake has damaged the city gates and the road leaving town. Some might call it a sign.

5) A fire has destroyed the group's provisions laid in for the trip. You will need more rations and supplies before you journey.

6) The area seems to be cursed; you are walking in circles and repeating actions.

7) It's a religious holiday today and the streets are clogged with pilgrims and animals for sacrifice.

8) A halfling cider festival parade float is blocking the main intersection in town. The mules refuse to move and traffic is snarled up for blocks.

9) A Hill Giant raid in the middle of the night has damaged the gatehouse. Until it is repaired, no one may leave.

10) A minor epidemic of food poisoning affects everyone in the group and means no one wants to travel today.

11) A visit by a charitable viscount and his retinue have clogged the streets with beggars and the poor.

12) It's a local saint's day. No businesses are open and the streets are closed in her honor.

13) The teamsters guild has gone on strike to protest the benefits recently awarded to the carriage makers guild. Nothing is moving through the city today.

14) A popular group of troubadours has been performing in town and your guide has tickets for tomorrow night's show. He is unwilling to miss it.

15) In these dangerous times no one gets outside the city without written travel orders. You will need to get travel orders before the gate guards will let you leave.

16) Every little thing is going wrong today. You are clumsy, unlucky, and have a bit of a chill; this is a good day to stay in bed.

17) Remember that favor you owe Sir Amharic and the other Michaeleen Knights? Well Sir Amharic does and he's here to collect.

18) A magical darkness has fallen over the land. No flame will stay lit and even the strongest light magic produces only a weak glow. Is it a curse, an attack, or just another "accident" at the mage's college?

19) As you leave the gates of the city, you see, in the distance, a vast dust cloud. It must be hundreds or perhaps thousands of horses riding hard this way. Perhaps it would be best to go back inside the walls.

20) The Laird of the region has called a Grand Moot and all of the disputing factions have camped out around the city. While representatives try to find a solution that avoids a bloody war, it would be best not to travel outside the city.

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