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20 Cool Gifts You Could Get for Your GM

GM's Day is once again upon us. It's a time to show your GM's how much you love them by buying them something. Now I completely concede that this is much more of a "made up" holiday than even Valentine's Day, so I understand completely if you DON'T celebrate it. However speaking as a GM, (we loves to receive presents, oh yes, my precious.), I thought that I might put forth some suggestions for those who DO want to buy their GM's something nice this GM's Day, NOT that it will make ANY difference for your characters. (Ha! Try NOT getting a present and see how THAT affects your characters' lives.) ; )

The following list has a mix of ideas that are, for the most part, generic. Specific examples, however, do lean heavily towards D&D. Different people like different things, if you have some better ideas for presents or a celebration plan for GM's Day, please share them in the comments to help everyone to grow the holiday. Without further delay, here are 20 Cool Gifts You Could Get for Your GM. However you choose to celebrate, I hope that you have a great GM's Day and, as always, happy gaming!

A New GM's Screen may be just the present to bring a smile to your GM's face. Here is another example, in case you like it better.

Dice towers can make cool presents. Either the Ultimate Dice Tower #1 or Ultimate Dice Tower #2 make an excellent choice because everyone can help pitch in to make it. Cool, huh?

Tips and tricks to help make the game better and easier are always appreciated. Here are a few good ones that your GM might like:

47 Tips and Tricks To Become A Better Game Master or Storyteller

47 Battle Tactics and Strategies for your Military RPG Campaign

Sly Flourish's Dungeon Master Tips

The Lazy Dungeon Master

Books and .pdf's are also a good choice. You know what your GM is missing (or wants really badly), so you can choose something just perfect for them. Here are some good choices for D&D 5e, assuming your GM doesn't already have them:

Volo's Guide to Monsters

Book of Lairs for 5th Edition

Tools designed to help the GM create are also great gifts to show how much you value the time and effort your GM puts into the game. The Gamemaster's Worldbuilding Journal and The Gamemaster's Adventure Planner are two such tools worth checking out.

It might be a little too cliche, like a tie on Father's Day, but you could always get them a Pound-o-Dice or a New Die Bag.

One of the best presents that I ever received from my players was the Noteboard. I have used it innumerable times for many different games. I have had 2 of them for over 5 years and they have held up well to play in multiple scenarios (spills, falls, etc.) I think they're really cool. I'm not sure if the Noteboard is still available, but here is a similar product.

Sometimes something simple for the game, like Dry Erase Sticky Paper or Dry Erase Markers, can be the best gift. Simple, yet it shows that you care.

Miniatures or a Map Tile Set are also potentially good gifts, depending upon your GM's style of play. I cannot stress enough that you probably already know what your GM really wants, but do something nice for them to show that you care, even if you can't afford something like this:

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