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20 Orc Named Magical Weapons

This is the ninth post in our orc series. Today, we will discuss magic weapons created by or for orcs. Clearly, this is a topic that every DM will have their own opinion on. I've run campaigns in which the idea of orcs having magic items at all would be patently ridiculous and I have also run campaigns in which the orcs were the most technically and magically superior race among humans and demihumans. If orcs having magic upsets your worldview, then perhaps you can find some other way to use the following information in your own campaign.

In my own world, the majority of the orcs come from a large primeval forest far to the north of most of the settled lands. Orcs have their own culture and they have magic, but they are not known to be great magical artisans. Little is known of them outside the wildlands of the northern frontier because, much like barbarians, orcs do not seem to fit in well in the normal urban environment due to their tempers, for the most part. As such, orcs usually don't purchase magic weapons in shops. Most orcs get any magic weapons they have in one of four ways: by finding them, by stealing them, by trading for them, or by being given them as a reward for brave and heroic deeds on behalf of the clan. However they came to be and how they are going to be used is completely up to you, if you choose to use them in your own world. I hope that you enjoy 20 Orc Named Magical Weapons. Happy Gaming!

  1. "Zan Ripa" (The Elf Flayer) is a Crude Iron Poleaxe. It is fiendish in nature, with a black wooden handle covered in mysterious runes, this +2 polearm is always warm to the touch. It grants its wielder the ability to speak Elvish plus advantage on saves vs. spells from Elves, and Fey.

  2. "Zorr Shakirra" (Gut Ripper) is a Serrated-Edged Saber. Crafted by Orog shamans and blessed by Gruumsh, this +2 sword amplifies the wielder's voice so that he or she may be heard clearly over the din of combat. Additionally, on a roll of 19 or 20 the saber shatters the opponent's weapon, only magical weapons get a save against this.

  3. "Shun Madh Voza" (Two Big Balls) is a Morning Star with two oversized Spiked Balls attached to a handle via spiked iron chains. Shamans of the Blood Fang Orcs have enchanted this double morning star to be a +2 weapon with the abilities to add +1 to the wielder's AC and to roll all damage at advantage.

  4. "Shatraugan Vurassa" (The Wizard Killer) is a Sode Garami polearm. Orc shamans of an unknown tribe laid powerful magics into this wicked-looking weapon. Treat it as a +2 glaive, that grants the wielder the ability to cast Silence (5th Edition PHB p. 275) 3x per day, and the feat Mage Slayer (5th Edition PHB p. 168).

  5. "Karg" (Rend) is a wicked-looking, black iron short sword. Created by mysterious dark powers in ages long passed. This +2 weapon does an additional 1d3 damage each round after its first successful hit for damage. The additional damage is due to the wounds being deeper and resistant to healing. The weapon also glows red if elves or fey come within 50 yards of the unsheathed blade.

  6. "Rrashat Kraroga" (The Skull Smasher) is a spiked two-handed maul. Giant smiths crafted this oversize maul for some orog ally in ages past. The vast +2 maul hits with an additional 1d8 thunder damage, bowling over any medium or less sized creatures who fail their Constitution save and grants the wielder the ability to speak Giant.


Dis stop Now!

Me Flahk

Me Gold Tusk Warboss of Moon Skull Clan

Me capture your black shark man

He no tell orc secrets anymore

Me take him to Kharzaag

You never see him again

You forget all about

Orcs of the Moon Skull Clan

Dat be safer for you

now flee - Talk No One - No Come Back

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Some artwork copyrighted by Robert Hemminger, used with permission.

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