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20 Pieces of Orc Jewelry

This is the eighth post in our orc series. In this post we will talking about treasure of an interesting sort, stuff that your PC's might actually WANT to loot from a dead orc. Orcs have a reputation of being dirty and nasty, so their fashion does NOT really appeal to everyone. Also, besides coins, gems, and the odd magic item, orc bands usually don't often have cool treasures unless they stole them from someone else. At least this is the most commonly held perception. If you can open your mind to accept that perhaps NOT all orcs are dirty and nasty, then maybe you will find some use for today's list in your world. However, if orcs are universally dirty, nasty, and uncultured in your world, then perhaps you can use what follows as barbarian jewelry or the jewelry from a LOST race of orcs. However you choose to use them, I hope that you enjoy 20 Pieces of Orc Jewelry. Happy Gaming!

  1. A crystal fang suspended from a braided leather cord. The crystal glows dully in the moonlight. It is worth 25 gp.

  2. A rat skull choker on a leather band decorated with large pieces of amber and silver disks. It is well-made and worth 250 gp.

  3. A large pendant with a black iron pentacle surrounded by four rings: one copper, one silver, one gold, and one platinum. This is clearly NOT an orc-made piece. It is worth 500 gp.

  4. A shiny and semi-precious gem-studded brass knuckle sized for an orc. It is worth 50 gp.

  5. A black iron open-faced bascinet helmet decorated with a gilded goblin skull on top of it. Wearing this helm gives one +2 on charisma: intimidation checks. It is worth 100 gp.

  6. A crude necklace made from a knotted leather cord and several different sets of severed and decaying elf ears. It is disgusting and worth nothing.

  7. A large golden medallion, 6" in diameter, with a three dimensional relief of Gruumsh's face on it. It is amazingly detailed and a truly surprising find. It is worth 1000 gp to the right buyer, but could easily be brokered for 500 gp anywhere.

  8. A well-made set of 6" wide black leather arm bracers set with silver studs. A nice find worth 50 gp.

  9. A simple ring, sized for a large orc finger, made from hammered gold. It is worth 250 gp.

  10. A matching pair of silver ear cuffs, one larger than the other, connected by a fine silver chain. These were definitely NOT made by orcs. They are worth 100 gp.

  11. A platinum nose ring with an inset, teardrop-shaped onyx. Sized for an orc, but probably NOT made by them. It is worth 250 gp easily, probably more if you can haggle.

  12. A matching pair of brown leather bracers that are spiked with bear claws and wolf fangs. These bracers would add an additional 1d6 to hand-to-hand/unarmed damage. They are worth 200 gp.

  13. A pair of drop earrings made from gilded halfling finger bones. They are obviously orcish in construction and worth about 50 gp.

  14. An 8" wide black leather baldric with a longsword scabbard attached, decorated with small golden studs. It is worth about 50 gp.

  15. A gilded panther skull belt buckle. People won't be able to keep their eyes away from your crotch. This item is tacky and something only an orc or a barbarian could love, but it is worth about 500 gp.

  16. A beautifully carved piece of antler forms the basis of a hair comb that is decorated with pearls and gold inlay. This is a beautiful piece of art and clearly orcish in make. It is worth 500 gp if you can haggle, but anyone would pay 250 gp.

  17. A golden tusk, about 5" long, with three inset rubies of progressive sizes was a replacement for one of an orc warrior's tusks. It is worth 500 gp.

  18. A pair of large hobnail boots covered in iron spikes. Another bold fashion choice that only a VERY FEW would wear daily. They would allow for an extra d6 damage in unarmed combat. The boots are old and smelly. They are only worth 25 gp.

  19. A pair of platinum ear tips with golden highlights. They are sized for a large orc, so they must have been made by orcs. The work is beautiful and the set is worth 1000 gp.

  20. A massive codpiece with a gilded rhino horn at its center is definitely a conversation starter, but not to everyone's taste perhaps. It is worth 100 gp for its novelty value.

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