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Another 10 Kinds of Trouble with Orcs

Here is the seventh post in our orc series. For those of you who didn't get enough Orcish adventure seeds last time, here are some more. Just like before, some of these seeds might not be what you'd expect from orcs, so be aware. Most of them, however, follow the more traditional view of orcs, that of vile and bloodthirsty raiders and killers. Whatever your style of play, hopefully today's list will have something you can use. Here is Another 10 Kinds of Trouble with Orcs. Happy Gaming!

  1. A caravan of the Gemstar Caravan Company travelling the Great Northern Road has been captured by a large band of raiders from the Trail Stalker Clan. The only survivors are two gritty caravan guards and their leader. His name is Cyrus the Talon and he wants to lead a group back to the ambush site on the road and retake the caravan from the orcs. They are holding the caravan for some reason, rather than just looting and burning it. Cyrus doesn't know what the orcs are waiting for, but he does know they won't wait long before reverting to their true nature.

  2. Lyandarus the Just, the Baron of Kestia, has been assassinated during the Sunrise Forest Festival. Magical investigations have revealed that the killer is a half-elven assassin and sorceress named Brenaerys Kelthyra; she is a savant when it comes to the polymorph spell. She is fleeing into the Orcwood and the court of the Baron is looking for a group to track her down and bring her back to justice. Lyandarus's widow will pay a reward of 10,000 gp to the person or group who returns Brenaerys alive.

  3. One of the PC's has fallen mysteriously ill. The healer informs the group that their friend is stable for the time being, but is likely to go into a rapid decline without an elixir that the healer could make if she had all of the ingredients. The healer is missing four ingredients: figwort, liverleaf, skullcap, and yellow root. All of these components can be found in various parts of the Orcwood. Your friend has at least 12 hours before the decline might start. If you talk to others around here, someone might have (or know where to find) some of the ingredients. Good luck in your search; I will try to keep your friend alive in the meantime.

  4. A competition among the different war bands within the Steel Skull Clan is being held to determine which ones are smart enough, tough enough, and lucky enough to earn the right to test the NEW gnomish war machines for the clan. The competition involves several different kinds of tests and to succeed a group of competitors must be able to do much more than just fight. After a grueling competition, the new tech the winners get to test is a remotely-operated, giant-sized, metal-skinned, robot orc with a massive (2d12 damage) club.

  5. Faeorus the Curious, an elven sage living in Silvermoon, is willing to pay brave adventurers to investigate rumors of a semi-permanent orc town with a gladiatorial arena existing somewhere within the Orcwood. The town is called Kharzaad by the orcs and it reportedly has over 2000 inhabitants of various races and clans. Faeorus is willing to pay 5,000 gp for a map to the rumored city and another 5,000 gp for a detailed map OF the city.

  6. Caravan guards are needed to protect against orc raiders coming from the Orcwood. Gemstar Caravan Company is looking to hire 3 fighters and 3 spellcasters to venture into the Orcwood in an attempt to locate the main camp of the Trail Stalker Clan and find a magical artifact stolen from a recent shipment. If the item isn't returned in the next 12 hours, then it will be remotely-detonated causing a massive retributive strike explosion that will destroy the camp and everyone in it.

  7. The high clerics and priests of Shevarash, the Elven War God of Revenge have called for a religious crusade against the orcs living within the Orcwood. Rumors have it that a great army is gathering itself in the Fey Woods for a march into the Orcwood. If the combined armies of the Elves and the Fey truly move against the Orcwood, then it will mean the beginning of a massive war that will affect this area for many years to come.

  8. A remote, fur-trading post along the Great Northern Road is hiring guards to offer protection for their goods from small raiding bands of orcs. The post consists of a small wooden palisade fort with less than a dozen buildings inside. Shortly after arriving, the group is first snowed in and then besieged by a large group of well-prepared orcs.

  9. A strange "Help Wanted" ad posted on the fortress' community board leads to a midnight meeting of a hulking cloaked figure just outside the fortress' walls. The figure, who is obviously a poorly-disguised orc, will explain that he is an alchemist. He wants certain reagents and equipment that he cannot get in the Orcwood. He wants to pay the party to procure these items for him OR escort him, in a disguise, into a human or demi-human settlement so that he can shop.

  10. The annual Festival of Life celebrated by the halfling priests of Yondalla requires a pilgrimage of three miles into the Orcwood by a group of naked and blessed halfling believers. The clerics of Yondalla are hiring mercenaries to make certain that the pilgrims return safely from their religious festival.

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