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20 Orcish Phrases Translated into Common

This is the sixth post in our orc series. Today we will learn a little orcish. Perhaps you are familiar with the foreign travel advice that says a person travelling in a country in which the people speak a language different from their own should learn a few important phrases so that they can get by in case no speaks their language. This post has the same basic idea, but the phrases aren't things like "where is a bathroom?" and "how do I get to the museum?". Rather, they are things like "We will kill all of the men and enslave all of the women." and "We will execute the prisoners at dawn." These are things that the players might hear and since they might speak orcish or cast spells that allow them to understand it, then you, as an excellent GM, have a responsibility to know both languages. Thankfully, orcs don't wax poetic about too many topics, so you should be able to get what you need from the 20 Orcish Phrases Translated into Common below. If what you want isn't in the list, then you may be able to piece it together from the words in other phrases. Happy Gaming!

  1. Ashdautus Gruumsh Vrasubatlat Uk - One day Gruumsh will kill us all. (A common orc greeting among warriors)

  2. Nar Udautas - Not today. (The reply to the greeting)

  3. Shun bogi vadhaum majatul. Gakh shati vadhaum prapul. Jhet hanksar prapan. - (You) two bowmen sneak to the left of them. (You) three spearmen sneak behind them. (You) four broadsword fighters follow (me).

  4. Ang Gijak-Ishi (Angijak) - Iron in the blood (Ironblood). A tough orc respected by his peers.

  5. Lul Gijak-Ishi (Lulgijak) - Flowers in the blood (Flowerblood). (A reference to being related to elves. A cowardly orc. A great insult.)

  6. Amal shufar, at udh - Where there's a whip, there's a way. (An answer to lazy slaves who can no longer work).

  7. Snaga mat kordh-ishi - Slaves die in their beds. (A common "wake up" orc greeting.)

  8. Ambor mabas lufut - Liquor after war (A common rule among many warbands that is often broken. It also means "don't put the cart before the horse."

  9. Vras buruk. Kafazan gruiuk - Kill all of the men. Capture all of the women.

  10. Mabaj nar ma armauk - I have no more enemies. (An orcish lament usually spoken on a deathbed for having NOT died in battle. Can also be translated as "She has no more enemies" meaning the orc in question is dead.)

  11. Mirdautas gajupat - It is a good day to hunt. (The orcish equivalent of "seize the day".)

  12. Afar vadokanuk Urukpul! - By all of the dead in the Orcwood! (An exclamation of surprise.)

  13. Magas burz mokal. Garjapanuk agh moraumang vrasub armaukul - Drive them into the dark marsh. The snakes and the spiders will kill all of our enemies.

  14. Art mabas marran snagaul trag Kharzaag, pauub. - (We will be paid) gold after we take all of the slaves to the market in Kharzaag, (then) we will drink.

  15. Krak kurvkuu Zidru pauanug Drokob gavik - Five old whores from Blackwood were drinking the Devil's wine. . . (Part of a bawdy camp song)

  16. Zanbaur - Elfson (Another great insult like lulgijak. Fighting words.)

  17. Kapul thos - Goblin sack (Yet another insult comparing the size of a warrior's testicles to those of a goblin slave. More fighting words.)

  18. Hol kurv - A skinny whore (Something or someone unattractive or completely useless. Yet more fighting words.)

  19. Afar parjikakun pros Zotan-lufutatar! - By the bloodstained blade of the Warlord! (Another orcish oath, but this one is more a promise to do something.)

  20. Luthic roganug agh maproganug githob - Luthic guards and protects us all. (Part of a religious devotional repeated by both the shamans and the orc warriors during the ceremony of blessing.)

Here's a bonus in the form of a music video. Enjoy. We'll be back tomorrow with more orc stuff.

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