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20 Things to Find in an Orc Encampment

This is the third post in the orc series. This time we will be taking a look inside the typical orc raider encampment. Today's list is a fairly generic one which could fit with any of the clans that I have mentioned in previous posts. This list lacks "razzle-dazzle", exciting elements, and specific information about terrain so that it can be used in a variety of circumstances. My intention is for the list to provide DM's some of those little mundane details that imho make the scene more real for the players. This list was designed so that it could be used for either an active orc camp or one that has been abandoned. In fact, the list could also be used to provide some detailed "trail signs" if your PC's were tracking an orc raider band. Regardless of how you choose to use them, I hope that you enjoy 20 Things to Find in an Orc Encampment. Happy Gaming!

  1. Rusty, iron shackles that are human-sized are found lying in a small bush. They have traces of blood and skin on them.

  2. Fat, skin, blood and bones from whatever game animals the orcs are eating discarded here and there.

  3. Occasional pools of foamy, foul-smelling vomit containing indistinguishable chunks of either meat or bone.

  4. Smashed crates and barrels from raided caravans and ships.

  5. A fire pit burned down to glowing coals.

  6. Numerous broken arrows and spear hafts litter the ground, along with the occasional shattered shield.

  7. A felled tree with numerous branches of various sizes hacked off it blocks the main path.

  8. Traces of orc blood and a few teeth from some minor brawl.

  9. A 15' deep pit covered with a rectangularly-shaped, heavy wooden lattice work that serves as a place to keep prisoners of the clan.

  10. One full and stinking latrine barrel for every 20 orcs in the band.

  11. Dead goblin, halfling and/or kobold slaves.

  12. Leather tanning racks with hides stretched out across them.

  13. Discarded armor pieces and other assorted leather or clothing trash.

  14. One yurt-like tent for every 2 orc warriors in the band.

  15. A small anvil and a few simple smithing tools.

  16. Clan totem poles or displayed banners in various colors.

  17. Pony/mule hoofprints, deep wagon wheel ruts, and dung.

  18. A simple altar to Gruumsh of the One Eye covered in burnt sacrificial blood.

  19. Piles of decapitated, enemy heads arranged in unrecognizable patterns.

  20. A weapons rack filled with wicked iron weapons for every 5 orc warriors in the band.

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