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20 Mysterious Destinations, Rumors or Red Herrings

This is another post following the nautical theme we began last week. Sometimes DM's know exactly what the destination is going to be at the beginning of a trip. Other times, DM's need a name for a destination right now, but don't really know anything about that destination at all. Today's list is for those other times. This idea of a list of places was originally developed so that I always had an answer to "where did this ship come from?" After listing the places the PC's could know about however, I developed a list of mysterious and frightening places that sailors only whispered about. Below is that list.

This is another simple and generic list. Its strength lies in the fact that these place names can be used for anything. Its weakness is that there is precious little information on each place. You could create a much better list for your own world, but you are free to nab this one as well. No matter what you choose to use them for, here are 20 Mysterious Destinations, Rumors or Red Herrings. I hope that you enjoy them.

  1. Iceshear Bay - Sailors say the wind blows so cold that men working in the rigging routinely freeze solid.

  2. Farpoint Island - It's a mark of distinction among sailors to have sailed so far. Any man who has sailed 'round Farpoint Island is a man to be reckoned with.

  3. The Black Fen - A dark bit of swampy coastline rumored to be the home to a Yuan-Ti cult worshipping a black dragon.

  4. Thunderhead Basin - A deep and safe harbor from storms along the far coast.

  5. The Dragon Fang Fiord - A deep and narrow passage among vast icy cliffs said to be inhabited by Frost Giants.

  6. Mermaid Lagoon - A well-known anchorage spot known for its native hospitality.

  7. Gryphon Sea - A hard and uncompromising piece of the ocean mostly surrounded by land.

  8. Blackspire Harbor - A safe harbor that is easy to spot due to a mysterious spire towering over the cliffs above the water.

  9. Abyssinian Ocean - One of the 13 Seas of Yarr which can only be accessed by sailing through an Elven moongate.

  10. Anaconda Cay - A sheltered harbor known for giant sea snakes which rarely attack ships.

  11. Typhoon Coast - A far-off coast that is the destination of long traders and missionaries.

  12. Whitetip Reef - A well-known reef avoided by careful merchants and often the hunting grounds of various pirates.

  13. Jellyfish Strand - A shallow beach landing near a small fishing village. A favorite spot of raiders, pirates, and smugglers.

  14. Ballyhoo Sound - A deep water anchorage that is a favorite of fisherman. Sailors say that there are so many fish that you could catch them by the bucketful.

  15. Mudsnake Bayou - A muddy, saltwater swamp rumored to be infested with spiders and snakes of various types.

  16. Free Traders Anchorage - A permanent "temporary trading post" consisting of two large trade vessels and a floating dock. The FTA moves around, but the merchants that trade there know its schedule.

  17. Foggy Deep - A deep water anchoring spot near a hollow in the coast where the fog seems to collect. The spot is a well-known spot for smugglers to meet and exchange cargoes.

  18. Darkwater Glades - A hidden swamp town located 13 miles up the Darkwater river. This town is the home to many dark secrets.

  19. Octopus Cove - A large open cove that is famous for tentacle sightings.

  20. Ice Fishers' Narrow - A strait so narrow that it is frozen over and "closed" four months out of every year.

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