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20 Magical Weapons That Aren't Swords At All

Today's post follows the same basic theme as Tuesday's with the exception that the list will contain no swords at all. Just like last time, I am trying to encourage DM's to expand their minds when it comes to giving out magical weapons. The point of this blog entry is not to hand you 20 "perfect" magic weapons ready to drop into your campaign, the point is to get you thinking about different kinds of magical weapons in your campaign and how they came to be. If you manage to pick something up from the list below that you CAN use in your campaign, that's just a bonus. Every little detail makes your world deeper and richer in the player's minds. Once again, there are numerous links in this list that point to pictures of weapons so that you might know what they look like in case you are not familiar with all of the names. These pictures are NOT meant to be the weapon described in the table and I do NOT own either the images or the weapons. Without any further ado, here are 20 Magical Weapons That Aren't Swords At All. Happy gaming!

  1. Shillelagh - A gift from the Fey, this +2 club grants the wielder advantage on Charisma (Performance) and Charisma (Persuasion) rolls. It also gives the user 2 luck points per day. (See the Feat Lucky - 5th Edition PHB p. 167)

  2. Furibo - The Monks of the Long Shadow are rumored to possess a +2 two-handed club that grants them both Dexterity (Acrobatics) rolls at advantage and can generate a 10' radius of silence for 10 minutes, once per day.

  3. Morning Star - Shamans of the Blood Fang Orcs have enchanted this morning star to be a +2 weapon with the abilities to add +1 to the wielder's AC and to roll all damage at advantage.

  4. Chigiriki - Elves of the Silver Vale use these 2-handed flails to dismount cavalry and to disarm opponents. This one is a +2 weapon that allows the user to do an additional 2d8 lightning damage to the target once per round if the opponent has a metal weapon or armor.

  5. Flanged Mace - Celestial smiths forged this holy champion's mace long ago. The weapon is +2, weighs only 2 pounds, and strikes aberrations and fiends with an additional 2d8 celestial damage per hit. This weapon can only be wielded by someone with a non-evil alignment.

  6. Zaghnal - Devils gifted this weapon to an evil champion long forgotten, yet the hammer still remains. It is +2 and those struck by it must make a Wisdom save DC 15 or be affected by a crown of madness (5th Edition PHB p. 229)

  7. A pair of Kama Yari - Monks of the Rainbow Mist train with a pair of kama yari and are said to be some of the deadliest warriors in the Seven Worlds. This set is +2 and grants the wielder the Feat Mobile (5th Edition PHB p. 168)

  8. Lucerne Hammer - Crafted for the legendary Silver Dragon Corps, there were once 10 of these polearm hammers. The weapon is +2 and grants the wielder both advantage at Wisdom (Animal Handling) rolls related to flying mounts and the ability to speak draconic.

  9. Bhuj - Efreet smiths in ages past crafted this weapon as a gift or a reward. The axe is +2, grants its wielder the ability to speak Ignan, and has a 2d6 fire damage bonus like the Flame Tongue sword (5th Edition DMG p. 170).

  10. Dao Axe - Djinn craftsmen created this weapon for a hero. The axe is +2, grants the wielder the ability to cast the spell Crusader's Mantle (5th Edition PHB p. 230), and the Feat Inspiring Leader (5th Edition PHB p. 167).

  11. Tungi - Dao smiths worked and folded iron, silver, gold, and mithril into one metal. This magical alloy makes the axe +2 and gives its wielder advantage on both Strength and Constitution saves.

  12. Biliong - This strange weapon must have been part of a Demon pact from long ago. The small one-handed axe is +2, weighs less than 1 pound, and hits like a battle axe (damage 1d8). This weapon can only be wielded by someone of a non-good alignment.

  13. Quarterstaff - Clerics of Apollo are often taught the to fight with quarterstaves and the markings on this +2 weapon show it to be dedicated to the god. The wielder may cast the cantrips light and sacred flame (2d8 damage) at will.

  14. Military Fork - The Knights of Three Rivers Hold are famous for their polearm skills. This +2 weapon is beautifully crafted, weighs only 2 pounds, and grants the wielder an additional 10' of movement per round when in combat.

  15. Man Catcher - Devils created this magical polearm aeons ago to track down fugitives. It's +2 and grants the wielder the ability to roll both Intelligence (Investigation) and Wisdom (Perception) at advantage when tracking a fugitive. This weapon is always uncomfortably warm to the touch.

  16. Naginata - This Drow polearm is +2. It weighs only ounces and grants the wielder advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) rolls. Once per night the wielder may cast the spell Gaseous Form (5th Edition PHB p. 244). The weapon will disintegrate if it is ever exposed to sunlight.

  17. Double-Headed Battleaxe - Storm Giant smiths crafted this oversize axe for some barbarian ally in ages past. The +2 axe hits with an additional 1d8 thunder damage, bowling over any medium or less sized creatures who fail their Constitution save and grants the wielder the wielder the ability to speak Giant.

  18. Shoka - Ancient magic from a time beyond remembering created this axe. It is +2. The weapon also grants its wielder a +2 bonus and advantage on rolls to save vs. Fear and the ability to speak and read Deep Speech.

  19. Corsesca - Knights of some unknown ancient order must have commissioned the creation of this polearm. It is +2 when alone and +4 when fighting alongside any other polearm. Additionally, the wielder gains a +1 bonus to their AC when in a line of polearms and that bonus extends to the fighters on either side of the wielder in the line.

  20. Sode garami - Orc shamans of an unknown tribe laid powerful magics into this wicked-looking polearm. It is a +2 glaive, grants the wielder the ability to cast Silence (5th Edition PHB p. 275) 3x per day, and the feat Mage Slayer (5th Edition PHB p. 168).

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