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20 Moves of the Master Monk

Monk week is over already and we hardly had any time to enjoy it. ;^) We're going to end our study of monks (begun nearly a month ago, sorry) with a collection of special martial arts moves. As with all of the lists that I write, this list is FAR from the perfection sought by monks. You should study and improve it for use in your own campaign. Perhaps one or more of these strikes is the key to defeating a certain bad guy or perhaps performing one of these master moves is what opens an ancient, magically-locked door. The moves might be recorded on ancient scrolls and could be given out as a form of treasure. Regardless of how you choose to use them, here are the 20 Moves of the Master Monk. Happy Gaming!

  1. The Dance of the Koi

  2. The Fox's Charge

  3. The Double Mace Fist Punch

  4. Farmer Picks Weeds

  5. Spinning Steel Kick

  6. Blinding Cobra Strike

  7. Owl from the Shadows

  8. The Rhino's Defense

  9. Tiger from the Clouds

  10. Stance of the Iron Oak

  11. Hawk's Talon

  12. Lightning Splits Tree

  13. The Rage of Quiet Snow

  14. The Spinning Leap of Heaven

  15. Running Tiger

  16. The Waterfall Drop

  17. Quiet Turtle Snaps

  18. Leaping Dolphin Kick

  19. Orangutan King Punch

  20. The Dancing Wind

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