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20 Monasteries Where Monks Might Seek Expanded Consciousness

Monk Week is almost at its end. So far, we've examined the objects that a monk might carry and the tattoos that he or she might have. Today, we're going to discuss the temples and schools that monks may know of and/or wish to visit. Alternatively, these may be places just discovered along the way by the party, if the DM feels that is more fitting.

However you choose to deal with martial artists and monks in your world, even if it is to say they are nothing but legend, you may still be able to use these locations. Listed below are 20 different monasteries, each with a unique name, location, and specialty. Feel free to use these abbeys and schools in your own games as you see fit. Best of all, use them as a starting point to develop your own ancient monasteries and monk traditions. It's almost time for me to take a vow of silence, so here are 20 Monasteries Where Monks Might Seek Expanded Consciousness. I hope that you enjoy them. Next time we'll examine 20 Moves of the Master Monk. Until then, Happy Gaming!

  1. The Monastery of the Five Elements is located at the base of the Great Kalanga volcano on a small island in the Barrowmere Sea. They are elemental masters second to none.

  2. The Abbey of the Loving Embrace clings to the side of Horserock Peak. They are experts in both grappling and climbing.

  3. The Disciples of the Mountain Goat roam throughout the steep Blackstone Mountains following the wild goats. These monks have a great understanding of nature and sense of balance that is second to none.

  4. The Golden Order of the Dawn Guard is located at the top of Lookout Peak on the border of the Wyldlands. These masters of light and speed are a marvel to behold.

  5. The Dwarven Masters of the Stone Fist keep themselves secluded deep within Khazaal Duln. They are elemental masters of earth and powerful warriors without peer.

  6. The Order of the Stick trains in a hidden complex buried under the Mirrorsand Desert. These monks are masters of stealth, survival and their own constitution.

  7. The Crystal Tower of Visions is located in the center of the Feywind Glade deep within the Avalon Wood. The monks who guard the tower are masters of insight and their own wisdom.

  8. The Elven Masters of Ki live within the sprawling boughs of the 10,000 year old banyan tree at the center of Kyrhondel's Wood. These elven monks are said to understand Ki better than any because of their commune with the banyan.

  9. The Guardians of the Dragonne dwell within the haunted swamp known as the Fen of Lost Voices. In addition to being masters of lowland survival, the monks master a fighting style unlike any other based upon the attacks of the beast they guard.

  10. The Temple of the Great Pooh Ping is located in the center of the Az Zulfi Desert, which they also call the great black sand of eternity. It is rumored that Master Ping can act between moments and is a master of time itself.

  11. The Dragons of Justice dwell within a small shrine located next to the black waters of Loch Bargoon. These talented dragonborn masters of ki are adept at multiple styles of combat.

  12. The Meditative Order of Lawful Thought lives within the Temple of Harmony at the top of the Icewind Cliffs beyond the Tundra of Midnight. They are masters of both cold and silence.

  13. The Monastery of the Orangutan King is located in the dark Jungles of Bayanga. These monks master their upper body strength, as well as the deadly angry orangutan style of combat.

  14. The School of the Seven Winds is located on a remote island that splits the Dragon River at the top of Dragon's Head Falls, two miles above the Barrowmere Sea. These monks are masters of the element of air.

  15. The Dojo of Serenity is located in the wartorn Valley of Peace at the base of the Evertroll Mountains. These monks practice strikes known to knock their opponents unconscious in a single blow.

  16. The Temple of the Double Rainbow is hidden behind O'Bannion Falls. The monks here are masters of Insight and Nature.

  17. The Monastery of Noon is located in a small valley wedged between two sharp peaks in the Wolf Fang Range up in the Northern Reaches. The small school and shrine only see direct sunlight at noon. These monks are masters of initiative and, some say, of time itself.

  18. The Hall Of Winter is located at the top of the Great Torfrost Glacier. It is carved from the ice of the glacier itself and the monks that live here are masters of both life and death.

  19. The Temple of the Long Shadows is surrounded by towering buttes in the Demonscar Ravine. The monks that dwell within are said to be sneakier than ghosts.

  20. The Abbey of the Mantis is located in the Howling Steppes just beyond the Black Salt Lake. Warriors trained in the mantis style master many different weapons, holds, and strikes.

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