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20 Things That Monks Might Have in Addition to Enlightenment

Last week, the theme of this blog was centered upon the equipment that travelling adventurers might carry with them on their delves and quests. This week the theme will center upon those who seek to unburden themselves and what better place to start than with what they choose to burden themselves with. So Monk Week, as I have so cleverly decided to call this week, begins with a look at the common equipment that the fast-handed disciples of Ki might carry on their adventures.

Monks live a simple life and travel light, so honestly, most probably do not even carry 20 items total. As you already know, if you have read the equipment posts, there really is no quick and easy generic list of items carried by every monk. Monks are as different as leaves on the autumn wind; they are often similar in size, shape, and color, yet never identical. Clearly, the best list for the items carried by monks in your world will be written by you. It is only my hope that you can find some starting point in the list below. Next time we'll look at tattoos. Until then, happy gaming!

  1. A walking stick carved with an intricate and detailed pattern of scales.

  2. A four foot long bone flute with a thin leather sling to carry it.

  3. A cloth GO board and stones that can be tied up into small bag.

  4. A set of three shaped brushes, 4 vials of colored inks, and sheets of rice paper inside a bamboo scroll tube.

  5. A razor, bar of soap and a shaving bowl.

  6. A rolled up, seven foot by three foot woven bamboo mat tied up with silk strips attached to one end.

  7. A bamboo umbrella for protection from the elements.

  8. Cloth bag with a shoulder strap and an embroidered designed from nature.

  9. A sharp needle and various small spools of colored thread.

  10. An aged wooden begging bowl.

  11. A small broom stored inside a bamboo tube; it looks like a short staff.

  12. A pair of curved ice axes, necessary for reaching some of the high temples.

  13. A 50 foot long section of rope with a grapnel at one end and loops every five feet.

  14. A small ceramic kettle, collection of different teas, and a small wooden cup.

  15. A parchment scroll filled with enlightening poems, thoughts, and fables.

  16. A cloth belt strap four inches wide and ten feet long.

  17. A set of ceremonial robes rolled and folded into a comfortable satin pillow.

  18. A pair of thin-soled leather sandals.

  19. A small, leather water bottle.

  20. Thin cloth wrappings for both arms and legs.

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