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20 Items a Magic User Might Carry in Addition to Spellbooks

We've reached the end of another week just in time. This week's theme has been about the equipment carried by the various classes. Follow the link to see the whole list. As the old saying goes, we've saved the best for last: Magic Users.

In this case, "best" means most diverse because under the banner of Magic Users stand all Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards regardless of the source of their power, the nature of their patron, or the arcane specialty they have chosen. As it was with the item lists from the other classes, the extreme diversity between any two random samples probably makes any realistic generic list an impossibility. Thus, the list provided below is more to get you thinking about what magic-using classes in your world might carry with them, and less to provide you with a handy table to roll on and get a cool result.

There are many more items that could appear in the list below, but do not because the list is limited to fairly mundane items. Magical items, alchemical potions, and specific spell components might be quite common among magic using character types, but these lists are about common, everyday items, not about treasures. In my experience, the DM gets more than enough suggestions regarding treasure from the peanut gallery already, you can figure out the treasures to award all on you own. You don't need this table to do that.

No more chit-chat, here's the list. 20 Items the Magic User Charmed Other People into Carrying for Them . . .er, um . . . You know what I mean. ;^) Happy gaming!

  1. 36 - 4" long, 1" in diameter candles: 6 white, 6 black, 6 red, 6 yellow, 6 green, and 6 blue.

  2. A small brass brazier with a folding stand.

  3. A porcelain tea set for four, packed in a velvet-lined, wooden box.

  4. A set of finely made spectacles with numerous lenses for examining things more closely.

  5. Food, clothing, toys or other items that are for the magic user's pet or familiar.

  6. A portable writing desk that not only contain parchment, quill, and ink, but keep them safe from the elements.

  7. A hand-carved, wooden mortar and pestle covered in arcane symbols.

  8. An oilskin bag to protect books and magical scrolls from inclement weather.

  9. A jewelry box for storing magical jewelry.

  10. A long-stemmed egg-bowl pipe and some fine halfling pipeweed in a small leather bag.

  11. A small vial of powerful acid.

  12. A small vial of powerful adhesive.

  13. 8 - Various colored sticks of chalk and a wooden ruler one cubit in length.

  14. A bar of lavender soap, a hairbrush, and a hand mirror.

  15. A collection of charcoal anatomy sketches of various mundane and magical creatures.

  16. A thick book with numerous bookmarks on Spell Theory and Spell Development written by I. M. Portant, Master Magus of the Third Order.

  17. A small jar of insect-repelling oils, not enough to share so why tell any of the party about it.

  18. A collection of small leather pouches tied to a bandoleer. The pouches are filled with various spell components, ready for casting.

  19. An ornate silver teaspoon from a set of silver utensils back at home.

  20. A set of star charts, a set of ley-line maps, and 20 parchment pages of a crazy magical theory connecting them somehow.

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