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20 Items a Cleric Might Carry in Addition to a Holy Symbol

Today's post follows the class equipment theme, which we started with Thieves and Fighters. It's time to examine what things might be in the backpack of the party's cleric, but first a word about today's art.

This piece is entitled "Evil Cleric" and it was created by the fantastically-talented Jon Hodgson. Treat yourself to more of Jon's incredible artwork by checking out his Deviant Art gallery. He's done a lot of amazing pieces on a wide range of subjects and I'm sure you'll find something that you will like. Now back to the Cleric's backpack.

Yesterday, I bemoaned the fact that fighters are so very different one to another, that creating a single "universal" list was truly impossible. Today, I must face the fact that clerics not only are just as diverse as fighters, but also may carry many of the same items, like tools to repair their armor. Consider, as well, the requirements from the deities they serve and the rules of their differing sects. Clearly, a single, "one size fits all" list of cleric items is no more of a realistic possibility than such a list was for fighters. What follows should really only serve as a guideline for creating your own list. With that having been said, here is today's list -- 20 Items a Cleric Might Carry in Addition to a Holy Symbol. Happy gaming!

  1. A simple peasant's robe and a rope belt

  2. A stiff quill pen, ink and parchment, all stored in a hard leather scroll case

  3. 5 vials of holy water

  4. A small collection of spices and herbs for cooking

  5. Vials of perfumes, scented oils and cones of incense

  6. A holy relic of the Cleric's faith

  7. Hard candy, nuts, dried fruit, and small toys for talking with children

  8. A hatchet, a broom, a tinderbox, and a crowbar

  9. Formal or ceremonial robes or clothing

  10. 2 pairs of hard leather sandals

  11. A collection of medicinal herbs and roots

  12. Simple religious iconography to aid in the conversion of those of other faiths

  13. A collection of private letters and notes

  14. A ring of large iron keys

  15. A book of poetry to inspire the soul

  16. An hourglass and a small silver bell

  17. A wineskin containing wine blessed by a Leader of the Faith

  18. A small sack full of cheap trinkets to amuse and amaze the simple-minded.

  19. A large wheel of odiferous cheese

  20. A page torn from an unholy text describing some aspect of the fey, fiend, or undead.

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