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20 Items a Fighter Might Carry in Addition to Weapons and Armor

Almost three weeks ago, I posted a table about thieves tools. Since then, I have been thinking about a series of posts along a similar theme. This is the first of those. I have decided to tackle what extra things fighters might carry with them.

Fighters are a wide-open topic and while two D&D fighters might be comparable, they will not be identical. Thus, understand the difficulty in developing a "universal" list. Fighters vary too much in races, cultures, creeds, backgrounds, and styles, let alone personalities, for one list to ever be enough. I encourage you to look over the fighters in your own world and determine what mundane items they might carry on their adventures far from home.

Some of the items on this list come from my imagination, but many come from some "practical experience". The author's ghost haunts many of the fields and glens of the old battlefields of Gulf Wars past (Vivat Trimaris!!!), so I know just a little about what a fighter carries in the field. But you're not here for old war stories, you're here for a list. So here it is, 20 Items a Fighter Might Carry in Addition to Weapons and Armor. As always, happy gaming!

  1. A worn sharpening stone with nicks and grooves for fine tuning non-blade edges.

  2. A small, but weighty hammer for banging out dents in shields and armor.

  3. A small, but sturdy anvil for bending and shaping metal.

  4. A set of small tools for repairing straps, studs, and rings damaged in battle.

  5. A token from a loved one displayed publicly.

  6. A day's worth of animal jerky hidden in your armor, helmet, and in your belt pouch, too. Fighting is hungry work.

  7. An entrenching tool or small shovel.

  8. Three extra bowstrings.

  9. A bag of 10 - 4" caltrops for leaving behind you when retreating.

  10. A collapsible wooden armor stand that doubles as the frame of an over-large backpack.

  11. A large container of corn starch.

  12. A small can of oil.

  13. Trophies of various sorts taken from his/her vanquished foes.

  14. A dirty, bloodstained surcoat bearing enemy heraldry.

  15. A tattered satin battle banner faded with age and folded with respect.

  16. A journal recording the warrior's conquests and defeats.

  17. An unfinished letter to a loved one.

  18. A perfumed love-letter from home.

  19. A talisman of strength and power that you have earned as a warrior -- An Eagle Feather; A Young Dragon's Talon; A Tribal Scar

  20. A small jar of saddle-soap and several soft rags.

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