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20 Special Services Provided by the Thieves Guild

To end the week and our look at the thieves, today we will examine some "special services" that, for a cost, could be provided by the local thieves guild. This is not meant to be a full list of services, nor is it meant to be a general core list that all such institutions might provide. It is just a list of possibilities to get you thinking about the types of "special services" that your thieves guilds might provide. Keep in mind that thieves guilds are not usually limited to one type of crime, but rather monitor, control, and profit from several types of crimes. Multiple revenue streams are an essential for any guild, but certainly not all business organizations and guilds are as diverse as a thieves guild. The cost for each of these "services" is best left to you because you are the expert on your world. Whatever the cost is, it should be quite high. Perhaps even as high as, "There's no charge; you'll just owe us a favor in the future." ; ) Here presented for your perusal are 20 Special Services Provided by the Thieves Guild. I hope you find them useful for your own games. Have a great weekend and Happy Gaming!

  1. Arrange a fake fight to make someone a "hero of the people"

  2. Frame someone for a crime that they did not commit.

  3. Arrange for a Fortune Teller or Diviner to give someone the reading you want them to have.

  4. Gain admittance to a secret area of the city or a guild members only workshop or the like.

  5. Get someone a job with a certain business in town working in a certain area.

  6. Set up a short meeting with a highly-influential person.

  7. Make sure that a certain shipment does not reach its destination, but because of an accident.

  8. Provide a witness to give false testimony in court.

  9. Acquire the correct password for a secret meeting.

  10. Assist in creating a new identity for someone.

  11. Faking someone's death so that they both appear dead and are declared legally dead.

  12. Provide short-term storage and/or transportation for questionable or illegal items.

  13. Provide a contact within the local bureaucracy to help cut through red tape.

  14. Provide a safe hiding place for the party to lie low in.

  15. Create a distraction in the proper place at the proper time.

  16. Smuggle a wanted fugitive out of town under the watchful eye of the town guard.

  17. Provide inside information on a bet or business deal.

  18. Arrange for an invitation to a grand society ball.

  19. Arrange for a weapon to be smuggled into a high security area.

  20. Have someone "fall in love" with or declare a paternity suit against a chosen target.

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