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20 Thieves Tools Beyond Lockpicks

To keep with the thief theme started with Monday's post, today we will talk about some thieves tools that aren't lockpicks or a pry bar. Whether you use these tools to equip your NPC rogues, or just provide them to the PC's as additional tools they might carry, I hope that you enjoy them. I also hope that they get you thinking about other tools the merchants of midnight might use. Without further ado, here are 20 Thieves Tools Beyond Lockpicks. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

  1. A Small Ball Peen Hammer

  2. A Sharp Wire Saw

  3. A Small Vial of Sulphuric Acid

  4. A Ball of Twine

  5. A Small Vial of Tinker's Oil

  6. Three Sticks of Colored Chalk

  7. A Map with Notes about Traps, Guards, and Animals

  8. A Small Piece of Charcoal

  9. A Hard Leather Cup for Listening through Doors

  10. A Small Magnetic Compass

  11. A Black Silk Mask

  12. A Small Piece of Sticky Candy, such as Taffy or Caramel.

  13. A Collapsible Metal Pole about 3' Long

  14. Two Pieces of Drugged Meat

  15. A Glass Cutter

  16. A Small, Black, Collapsible Grappling Hook attached to 25' of Black Spider Silk Rope

  17. A Small, Round Mirror about 4" in diameter

  18. A Pouch containing 15 Small Metal Caltrops

  19. A Sturdy Canvas Bag to hold Loot

  20. Papers Identifying the Bearer as an Inspector for the Stone Masons Guild

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