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20 Different Names for the "Thieves Guild"

As a wrap up to our discussion on guilds, today we will discuss the nature of the "thieves guild". During this series, I have emphasized how guilds are all about getting as much gold as they can. While this is the primary goal of any trade organization, normal guilds put a portion (often a large portion) of their money back into the community through public works projects. Most thieves guilds clearly do not follow this practice. Additionally, since thievery isn't truly a guild profession, like carpentry or brewing, but rather a crime, like arson or poisoning, there usually isn't a building somewhere in town labelled "The Thieves Guild", unless it is a shady bar. When thieves guilds exist, they do so in the shadows (unless the town is completely corrupt), otherwise they would be an intolerable threat to the "legitimate" guilds that make up the infrastructure of the town.

How the thieves guild works, or even if it exists, is completely up to the GM. It might exist openly in the form of an older guild whose function is no longer needed or perhaps it is a shadow organization with members from multiple guilds filling out its ranks. Whatever is the case, presented below are 20 Different Names for the "Thieves Guild". I hope that you find them useful in your own setting. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

  1. The Occulists Guild

  2. The Lamplighters Guild

  3. The Vagabonds Guild

  4. The Buskers Guild

  5. The Contortionists Guild

  6. The Street Artist Collective

  7. The Carolers Guild

  8. The Mendicants Guild

  9. The Silk Handkerchief Guild

  10. The Flatterers Guild

  11. The Shadow Guild

  12. The Match-Sellers Guild

  13. The Tramps Guild

  14. The Organ Grinders Guild

  15. The Shoe Shiners Guild

  16. The Acrobats Guild

  17. The Golden Circle

  18. The Night Guild

  19. The Undercity Services Guild

  20. The Garnet Hand

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