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A Guild-Themed Double-Feature: 10 Guild Adventure Seeds and 10 Masters of the Guilds

I apologize for my poor health this week, but we've managed to make it to the weekend, even if we aren't all healthy and happy. This week we've been looking at guilds. We're going to end that examination with 2 tables - one with potential adventures and a second with influential NPC's. As it is always, I hope that you can find some use for these tables in your own games. Before we get to the tables though, let's talk just a little about the influences of guilds upon towns.

As we've previously discussed, guilds are always deeply involved in the welfare of the towns and cities that they serve. Sometimes the towns are founded upon guild charters with land holders. In our own history, these charters were with kings, powerful nobles, and the church, but in a fantasy world, land holders could also be giants, powerful sorcerers, and dragons. Guild members sometimes find themselves saddled with civic responsibility whether they want it or not. Even so, rewards often follow for those who can shoulder the burdens of a community on top of their own. Opportunity is often among the greatest rewards that service in the guild can provide for its members. Below are twenty such opportunities. Enjoy.

  1. Pirates, bandits, or raiders have taken a shipment of rare goods and materials required for a large order. For the sake of the guild, the items must be retaken. Punishing those responsible is a secondary goal to making sure that the problem doesn't continue.

  2. Whispered rumors circle through the town about miracles and episodes of rare and phenomenal luck associated with one of the guilds. So many people are trying to become members right now that they have to turn them all away.

  3. A mysterious fire in the dark of the night destroyed two guild warehouses. Someone must clean up the wreckage and investigate the cause of the blaze. It might be just a terrible accident, but someone must pay for the damages regardless.

  4. A festival day turns from fun to fear when a sudden storm makes a disaster scene out of the town. Panicking crowds try to find safety from the wind and rain in the approach of a massive tornado. In the aftermath, there is much to be done - rescue survivors, heal the wounded, bury the dead, and rebuild.

  5. The collapse of a nearby town causes all of the guilds to gain new members. The new members speak of an undead that drove people away from town with her nightly wailing. Many valuable things remain in the town; they were just left in people's haste to escape.

  6. The marketplace is nearly empty these past few weeks and all of the guilds are showing losses. It seems that someone has opened a black market. This is an activity that must be investigated and stopped.

  7. The guild has just received a massive order from an extremely powerful customer by liveried courier. In order to fill the order, the guild will have to take out loans to purchase the needed materials. If the customer backs out or the order is a fake, then it will wreck the guild. Likewise, if this powerful client feels maligned by the investigation, then that could damage the guild's reputation as well. This needs to be handled discreetly.

  8. A local noble is establishing a remote colony. She wants the guild to provide members for both training some of the colonists and for accompanying them to the colony. A recently made master is sure to be put in charge of the colonial guild and he will pick several experienced journeymen as companions.

  9. One of the members of the guild has contracted lycanthropy. If news of this spreads it could do more than just ruin the guild, it could kill the town. A cure must be found, but more importantly the secret must be kept and the man's family must be cared for.

  10. A rival guild has used a recent economic downturn in the area and some very successful propaganda to associate our guild with the dark arts. Business is down and our members are being spit upon in the streets. We need a successful witch hunt to resolve this problem in the eyes of the public.

Governors of the Kloveniersdoelen, 1655

Guild masters are the movers and shakers of town and city politics. They are men and women with significant influence and power. Whether you use them as background npc's, important patrons or hated antagonists, here are the social elite. Hob nob with them; it will certainly change your future. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

  1. Gannon Faircloud is a Master and the Ceremonial Sergeant-at-Arms for the Alchemists Guild. He is tall for a half-elf and solidly-built with fair skin and a button nose. He has short, straight red-brown hair and hard forest green eyes. He has bushy sideburns and a thick mustache. He is a dark man who thrives on cut-throat competition and getting revenge on those who have wronged him, all while appearing to be a saint in the eyes of the community. He is hiding a secret affair with a tiefling courtesan from everyone; he'll do nearly anything to make sure it stays a secret.

  2. Kaesh Nataldak is a newly-appointed Director in the Navigator's Guild. She is tall for a human, but thinner than most. She has shoulder-length, wavy blond hair and intense blue eyes. She is recognizable by the small puncture scar on the back of her left hand. She seems both kind and more than a bit confused. Rumor has it that she became a skilled navigator while serving aboard a pirate ship. In this case, not only are the rumors true, but the pirate ship in question is captained by Kaesh's cousin, Crimson Cait the Castrator. Clearly, this is a secret that both Kaesh and the guild want to stay a secret.

  3. Krackel Starhaven is a Senior Preceptor in the Armorsmith's Guild and a Captain in the Guard. He is a bear of man, standing nearly 7 feet tall and nearly every inch covered in hair. He is motivated by the honor of deeds, the loyalty of friends, and love of the town; Krackel is a bloodhound when it comes to tracking down evil doers. He is loud, friendly, and fun to most. Children flock to him like he is just a huge child and always he receives them in a happy manner. Krackel has a suspicion that some of the guild masters are forming a secret cartel, but he has no proof and cannot investigate it himself without possibly damaging the reputations of good men. That is something he will not risk doing.

  4. Elloma Krete is a Grand Matriarch in the Apothecary Guild and a non-denominational healer. She is short and burly with freckled skin and large nose. She has waist-length red and grey hair that she usually keeps up in a large, loose bun. She is compassionate and loyal to her friends. Nearly everyone in town knows of and likes her. Elloma's great desire is to build a teaching hospital that is open to all. Elloma's great secret is her connection to supply material components to a coven of witches operating just outside of town.

  5. Samnel Puretone is a Principal Master in the Performer's Guild, in addition to a well-traveled and famous bard. He is of average height with broad shoulders and a muscular torso. Samnel has close-cropped, curly, brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an empty flatterer, who lives solely off his charisma. Samnel loves living the good life and often refers to himself as "The Great Samnel Puretone" to encourage others to pay his way. His personality has several other flaws as well and being around him for any length of time wears thin for nearly everyone. Samnel is an orphan who just wants a family and someone who really loves him. He is unaware that he suffers under a witch's curse to keep him lonely until his dying day.

  6. Marcela LaForce is a Grand Mistress of the Bakers Guild and the owner of LaForce's Bakery. She is of average height with a small pot belly. Her amber-colored eyes, bronze skin, and long, white hair make her exotic looking. She has a number of prominent tattoos and is known to both drink and smoke a pipe. Marcela is motivated by kindness, faith, and compassion; she is well-liked in the community. She wants to develop a way to add magical treatments to her breads, but keeps getting resistance from not only her own guild, but also others as well. Marcela's dark secret is that she comes from a line of wild-magic sorceresses.

  7. Trondar Lockshaw is a Grand Syndic in the Masons Guild and a 10th Level Warlock. He is short, but solidly-built with ropy arms. He has short, black hair and a bushy beard without a mustache. He has deeply-tanned skin and hooked nose. Trondar is an unapologetic perfectionist and those that work under him often must redo their work. In private settings, he is called "Trondar the Bastard" by most. Few people actually like him and that suits Trondar just fine given his secret plans. Trondar is planning a mass sacrifice of the townspeople to his patron during the coming mid-summer festival.

  8. Mihn Randall-Evers is a Principal Mistress in the Courtesans Guild. She is tall, lithe, and exotically beautiful. Mihn has long black hair and piercing green eyes. She is truly motivated by greed, vengeance, and paranoia, but few ever see her real personality because she is so skilled at acting. Mihn is skilled at her profession and sought out by many. She knows many secrets about many people and uses this information to gain every benefit she can without overstepping her bounds. Mihn originally started collecting secrets just to hurt and control people, but the collection of secrets has grown into an obsession for her. Mihn's greatest secret is that she is truly a were-rat.

  9. Dominick Mungshower is a Governor in the Wheelwrights Guild and an innovator in the community. He is tall and rotund with golden-brown skin and heavy brows. His boyish face is recognized by many, even if they don't know his name. Dominick is driven by community spirit, loyalty, and love. He is the patriarch of a large family. Dominick is well-known because he has overseen many public works projects. The public loves Dom. He will probably be the next mayor. That's why the Assassins Guild has 24/7 coverage on him and his vast family.

  10. Gwendolyn Falconrook is a Captain in the Grand Guild of Tinkers and an overall really nice person. She is short and portly with ivory skin. She has curly, short honey blonde hair and wide set green eyes. Long ago Gwendolyn ran an illegal tinker shop. She was busted, served time, and then joined the guild and began working her way out of the gutter. She has done work for many people since then and is genuinely well-liked by most everyone. Gwendolyn wants to find a way to escape her current situation without betraying her family or the town, but she can't figure out how to do it. A cursed item has brought a Rakshasa into Gwendolyn's life and it is manipulating things through her playing some unknown game.

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