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20 Weapons Hidden on Captives

At first glance it may not seem like today's post follows the theme we began on tuesday of this week, but it does. Sometimes when the battle goes your way, you cannot just slay the evil monsters outright; you are forced to take prisoners. Such is often the case with bandits and river pirates. These vile outlaws must be brought to justice in front of the populace, if you truly hope to curtail the spread of their vile kind across the growing frontier. Bringing them to justice means that you must capture them alive and bring them back to civilization. To do that, of course, you will have to make certain that they cannot escape and that they aren't hiding anything. The clever bandits and river pirates know that capture is always a possibility, in fact some might allow themselves to be captured so that they can ambush and kill their captors downstream later and then take what they had, as well. Sometimes the difference between collecting a bounty and having your throat slit in the middle of the night all comes down to "how well did you search that scumbag?" I hope that 20 Weapons Hidden on Captives provides some fun for both you and your PC's. Happy Gaming!

  1. You find a seven inch long stilletto hidden in a sheath in the villain's left armpit.

  2. You find a single thin dart, about two and a half inches long, behind the sod's right ear.

  3. Concealed in the pommel of the lowlife's sword is a five inch long dagger; it drips with a dark orange poison.

  4. Secreted inside bandaged wounds on the lower torso of this scoundrel, you find two thin throwing daggers.

  5. Woven into a simple braided cloth belt is a thin wire garotte with two d-ring handles that double as the buckles of the belt.

  6. You discover two well-balanced throwing daggers masquerading as decorative silver trim on the rascal's boots.

  7. You are shocked to find a wicked, eight inch long kris hidden in the brute's blousy right shirt sleeve. You are less shocked when you find a second one in the other sleeve.

  8. While searching the devil, you find a nine inch long, weighted, leather encased slapjack well-hidden in the small of his back.

  9. Secreted in the villain's left boot heel are two small black silk bags filled with a very strong sleeping poison in a powdered form.

  10. You search the heel and discover that her right vambrace is magical. The magic is an extra-dimensional space that holds an undetectable longsword.

  11. At the nape of the rapscallion's neck you find a tiny hidden blade. It is three inches long and razor sharp.

  12. You discover a small, hidden pocket sewn into the inside of the evil-doer's left pants leg. Within the pocket you find a folding straight razor.

  13. One of the wretches begs to have his bone flute returned to him claiming it as a keepsake from his mother. Searching the flute carefully reveals that it is really a secret spring-loaded blade weapon and not a flute at all.

  14. Shrouded within the folds of a ratty old cloak is a hidden pocket concealing a wand of magic missiles (5 charges).

  15. Strapped to the inside of the criminal's left thigh, under his loose heavy wool breeches, are three throwing daggers.

  16. Enclosed within the right inseem of the libertine's trousers is a 30" long steel wire.

  17. Nearly indiscernible in the rich waves of your enemy's hair are three 5" long, weighted darts

  18. This n'er-do-well has a small tattoo of a morning star on the inside of his left forearm. If detected for magic, it will radiate like crazy. It's nice to have a +1 weapon always at hand.

  19. The outlaw's floppy hat conceals a 5" long stilletto disguised as a gaudy hatpin.

  20. The young girl seemed more like one of the captives you'd rescued, than a bad apple. Your search of her found nothing but a small toy whistle, which was broken anyway; it made no sound. You didn't see the harm in letting her keep it. . . .

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