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10 Diabolically Cursed Magic Items

Welcome back to One-Armed Sal's Nautical Trade Emporium and Pawn Shop. Today's magical items do not identify as cursed because they do provide a positive magical effect, yet the cost to access the magic is far higher than most care to pay. Sal openly admits that these are some pretty shady pawned items that are now available for sale because their loans are in default. His prices are low, but he ain't a charity. Sal doesn't do buy-backs or returns so if you don't like what you bought, just keep it to yourself. There's no reason to spread around your negative attitude about things wherever you go; that's Sal's opinion anyway. ;)

I hope that you and your players enjoy 10 Diabolically Cursed Magic Items. Happy Gaming!

  1. The Unbreakable Sword of the Champion -- This longsword identifies as a +2. It's magic is supposed to strengthen the blade so that it cannot be shattered or broken unless the DC on the identify is 25. In reality, this is a +1 longsword that steals the magical enchantment (the "plusses") from magical items used within a 20' radius of it. For example, a party of three, a fighter with the Unbreakable Sword of the Champion, a cleric with a +2 mace, and a wizard with a +2 staff attack a group of skeletons. The fighter attacks and damages with a +5 bonus. The other characters have magical weapons (if the foe requires magic to be hit, then they can hit), but there is no bonus to them as long as they are used within 20' of the sword. The effect works on enemy items, as well as friendly ones. The sword steals up to 4 levels of enchantment (plusses) from the nearest weapons at the beginning of each round. If the sword must make a save vs. breaking or shattering, then it does so at advantage with the full amount of plusses that it has for the round. If the sword does NOT make its save, then the nearest magical weapon (within 20') that the sword is currently using the plusses of will shatter instead. If there is no such weapon, then the sword will be destroyed.

  2. Armor of Charisma -- This beautiful set of well-worked leather armor, which includes a breastplate, arm vambraces, and leg greaves, identifies as +2 and is truly magnificent to behold. When worn, the armor seems tailor-made for the owner and causes everyone around him or her to treat them better. The game effect of this is that a character wearing the armor rolls advantage on any CHA roll. The real "cost" of this armor is when one fights in it. A character wearing Armor of Charisma takes an additional 2 hit points every time they take any damage at all. The armor mends itself as it takes damage in combat so that it always looks clean, beautiful, and flawless. Once again a DC 25 check on Identify is required to completely identify the item's properties.

  3. Flameproof Cloak of the Ages -- This beautiful great cloak fashioned from from the scales of various dragons, salamander skin, and naga hide will completely protect 1 large or 2 medium creatures (who are wrapped in it) from fire damage of any kind. However, the fire damage that the cloak protects you from is given to the wearer(s) in another way. Follow the normal procedure for determining the amount of fire damage that the character(s) would take and then divide that number by 10. The result, rounded down, is the number of years added to the character(s) age. The aging caused by the cloak cannot be reversed or restored.

  4. Ring of Treasure Finding -- This charcoal grey hematite ring is a charged item with 3 plus 1d6 charges. Each sunrise the item receives 1d3 charges. If the last charge is used the item will become non-magical. When worn and activated, each charge causes the ring to help the wearer find the location of the nearest mass of coins within 60 feet by pulsing. The pulses become harder and more rapid as the wearer gets closer to the mass of coins. Each charge powers the item for one minute. When the item is active, all monsters within 120 feet will hear a dinner bell in their heads and will be drawn towards the wearer, if they desire to be. Otherwise, the monster is only aware of the wearer's location when the item is active.

  5. Quill of Magical Art -- This mystic quill allows the user to write or draw on any surface with animated, glowing magical color as defined by the user. If text is written, it will flash and dance like a neon sign. If art is drawn, it too will be animated. The words or art created by the quill are permanent unless destroyed by a dispel magic. The quill of magical art gets its magical glowing colors by draining the magic from spellbooks within 10 feet of the quill. Every square foot of either art or text requires one level of spell. Thus a 2' X 3' animated picture would require the consuption of one 6th level spell or two 3rd level spells or any combination of spell levels required to reach a total of 6. The spell ink is erased inside the spellbook, thus removing the spell permanently from the tome. If no spell books are within range of the quill, then it will not function.

  6. Mask of the Paranoid -- This item looks like nothing but a large leather bag with a drawstring and three rough holes cut in it for two eyes and a mouth. A character who pulls this item over their head, pulls tight the drawstring, looks out the eye holes, and thinks about a generic disguise will suddenly match that generic 100%. The bag shrinks to form around their head and transforms from the head down. The transformation takes one round. A generic disguise means something non-specific, in other words, you can look 100% like a town guard, but you CANNOT look like Sgt. MacElroy the town guard. While wearing the bag, a character feels like everyone is making fun of them when they say how good the disguise looks, also every 15 minutes the character must make a wisdom saving throw at a cumulative -2 to avoid blowing the disguise themselves because the growing paranoia of "everyone knows and they are just waiting to spring the trap" becomes too much to bear.

  7. Arrows of the Thaumaturge -- This is a set of 20 magical arrows comprised of 10 full sized arrows and 10 two inch long arrows. These arrows allow any archer to guaratee their shot will hit the target they desire to hit. The archer must first take one of the small arrows and plunge it into their own body where they wish to hit their target. Given that the small arrows are little more than a toothpick in diameter, they only cause the archer 1-2 hit points of damage. The round after the archer takes damage, he or she may fire the large arrow matching the small one he or she just used. The full-sized arrow will hit the target in the same place the small arrow was thrust into the archer without a to hit roll. Damage is resolved normally for the arrows. The arrows do count as magical weapons.

  8. The Butcher's Goblet -- The Butcher's Goblet is a large golden drinking cup encrusted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls. If the cup were NOT magical, then it would still be worth about 3000 gold pieces. Once per day, when any liquid is poured into the goblet, it is transformed into a single, one hour dose of stone giant strength elixer. A character who drinks the elixer also suffers a -6 to their charisma for the duration of the magic. This item is called the Butcher's Goblet because so many previous owners have been butchered by someone desiring to possess the cup.

  9. The Winner's Coin -- This small gold coin seems indistinguishable from any "normal" gold coin, but it possesses great magic. When flipped, it will always win the coin toss for its owner. When bet, it will magically alter the outcome of dice or a hand of cards to ensure that the owner of the coin wins. The magical effect only works with small games of chance where there is less than 1000 gold at stake. Otherwise, the coin will behave as any other normal gold coin would. The cost for this effect is that the owner of the coin must apply a -5 to all of their initiative rolls.

  10. The Gong of Extended Silence -- This small brass gong, approximately 6" in diameter, appears normal in every way until it is struck. The person striking the gong determines the length of the magical silence (up to one hour) that will encompass an area of 20 feet in diameter around the gong. The silence effect moves with the gong. The person who rang the gong hears a loud ringing gong sound in their head for 3X the amount of time the silence spell lasted. The sound prevents spell casting and concentration on detailed tasks. The user of the gong must make a save vs. WIS or take 1d6 of psychic damage when first sounding it.

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