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The Island of Lost 5e Monsters: Strangle Weed and The Su-Monster

Welcome back my friends to the Island of Lost 5e Monsters. The inhabitants of this mysterious and dangerous island are creatures of legend and yore. Beasts too bizarre and terrible to be included in the 5th Edition D&D Monster Manual. Monstrosities so dangerous that you'd likely never survive the trip without a grognard guide. Today we will examine a surprisingly dangerous low-level water creature and an absolutely deadly mid-level jungle dweller. I sincerely hope that you enjoy using either Strangle Weed or the Su-monster in your own D&D 5e games.

Until next time, Happy Gaming!

Strangle Weed


Number Appearing: 3-12

AC: 14

HP: 28 (3d8+16)

1-6 Attacks:

Strangle +5 to hit 8 Dmg (1d6+5)

Special Attack:

Drowning (See Below)

Alignment: Neutral

Intelligence: Animal

Size: M (4' - 7' Long)

Speed: 0 feet (floating)

Strangle Weed looks nearly identical to kelp and many have theorized that it is nothing more than an animate and carnivorous type of seaweed. This diabolical manipulation of nature was performed by druids many eons ago to create natural coastal guardians that could remain undetected among the other seaweed until touched. Strangle Weed grows in an oval clumps roughly 6 feet long by 4 feet at the widest. Each clump contains 3 - 12 fronds capable of attacking. Fronds can be from 7 feet to 12 feet long and are roughly 3/4 of an inch in thickness. Any creature moving within 1 foot of the Strangle Weed will provoke an attack.

A hit by a Strangle Weed frond indicates that the frond has intwined around the victim. Each frond has a STR of 4 - 16. When a victim has been struck by one or more fronds, the next attack will be an attempt to drown the victim by pulling him or her beneath the surface of the water and holding them there. Resolve this attack as a STR vs. STR contest. If the Strangle Weed wins, then it is able to hold the victim under the water and do damage for each attacking frond this round. If the creature being attacked wins, then he or she breaks free of the Strangle Weed's grasp. Creatures intwined by the Strangle Weed are at a -2 to perform any action. Creatures who take damage while being held under the water must make a CON save at -2 or immediately enter death saves because of drowning.



Number Appearing: 1-12

AC: 14

HP: 57 (5d8+37)

5 Attacks:

Claw (4) +7 to hit 10 Dmg (1d8+6)

Bite (1) +7 to hit 14 Dmg (2d8+6) Special Attack: Silent Scream (See Below)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Intelligence: Average (10 - 11)

Size: M (5' Tall)

Speed: 30 feet (jumping and swinging)

Su-monsters are dangerous and clever primates most often found in dark, steamy jungles and sometimes in ruins and underground lairs, as well. Su-monsters have prehensile tails and use them to swing through the jungle from limb to vine to limb with ease. Small groups of these predators prefer to stalk their prey from the treetops and then drop upon them. They have also been known to move ahead of a group and then hang themselves concealed in the trees until the targets pass underneath unaware. These carnivorous apes have four razor sharp claws on each limb and a mouthful of sharp fangs. Su-monsters are mostly charcoal grey in color with black faces and black tails. Their paws are a bloody red.

When five or more Su-monsters are encountered at one time, then it is 50% likely that the group will be a family unit consisting of 1 adult male, 1 adult female, and children. Roll a d10 to get the relative strength of the children (1 = 10%, 10 = 100%). If the adult female is attacked, then the adult male will fight at double strength for four rounds (Claws do 20 damage; Bite does 28 damage). If the young are attacked, the adult female will fight at double strength for six rounds.

Su-monsters have an intense reaction to magic. The use of spells within 120 feet of them will cause the adult Su-monsters to use their special attack, the silent scream. Once per day adult creatures can face a single magic-using target and bare their teeth at them. The hyper-sonic scream cannot be heard, but the target creature feels intense pain inside its head and takes 3d8 psychic damage unless it can make a DC 13 INT save for half damage.

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