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20 Things to Find Inside a Gypsy Wagon

Keeping with yesterday's fortune teller theme, today's list is an odd collection of items that your PC's might find in a gypsy wagon. The items detailed below come from traditional human gypsy wagons, but there's no reason that other races couldn't have gypsies as well. I'm not really sure what would be on orcish gypsy wagons, but I will leave that for you to consider. For now, here are 20 Things to Find Inside a Gypsy Wagons. Happy Gaming!

  1. A hand-crafted violin

  2. 2 sets of brass finger cymbals

  3. A thick woolen quilt

  4. Several colorful silk scarves

  5. A bottle of fine elven wine

  6. A well-used dowsing rod

  7. A mortar and pestle

  8. A velvet bag containing 13 different semi-precious stones

  9. A large glass jar half-full of talons and claws from various creatures

  10. A 3' long dwarf's beard wrapped in a fine golden wire

  11. 2 egg-sized lode stones with 5 lb pull.

  12. A hand-carved wooden figurine of a wolf

  13. A full set of fish bones wrapped in a cloth of gold scarf

  14. A cloven apple

  15. A small moonstone pendant

  16. A leather pouch filled with human teeth

  17. A pair of finely made leather boots

  18. A well-played guitar

  19. 24 thin gold bracelets

  20. A small brazier containing a burning coal

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