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Fortune Teller Double Feature - 20 Ways to Tell a Fortune and 20 Future Mysteries Revealed

Some feel it's best to have nothing to do with fortune tellers and their ilk, believing that nothing good ever comes from it. Others feel the need for weekly, or even daily, readings to provide advice to their daily routine. Whatever your personal feelings are on fortune tellers and the fortunes they give, they are a fundamental trope of story telling. Today's tables are to help provide you with some fortune teller fodder so that you might be better prepared the next time your players wander into a gypsy's wagon. We will begin with 20 Ways to Tell a Fortune.

  1. Xylomancy - Reading the burnt wood an old from a camp fire

  2. Conchomancy - Reading the shells gathered from a beach near an enemy stronghold

  3. Knissomancy - Visions revealed in clouds of insense smoke

  4. Augury - Studying the flights and types of birds to reveal the enemy's direction

  5. Pessomamcy - Reading pebbles tossed to the table after being handled by the subject

  6. Driromancy - Drops of blood from the mystic are studied on a silver plate

  7. Astragamancy - Rolling dice to get an answer (like a magic 8 ball)

  8. Oneiromancy - Prohecies that take place in a dream state or that use dreams

  9. Selenomancy - Fortunes told by the shape, light, and position of the moon

  10. Carromancy - Melting, dripping wax and the patterns it makes predict the future

  11. Stareomancy - Fortunes divined using the four primary elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire

  12. Osteomancy - Reading the patterns in bones to discern the truth of a matter

  13. Numerology - Telling the past, present, and future with numbers

  14. Oomancy - Divining answers through the reading of eggs

  15. Lithomancy - Readings derived from studying precious stones

  16. Tasseomancy - The study of tea leaves to read fortunes

  17. Sciomancy - Fortune telling through contact with the spirits

  18. Lychnomancy - Divination of answers by reading burning candles

  19. Solaramancy - Reading the position and movement of the sun and shadows to find answers

  20. Tephromancy - The use of cremation dust to divine answers to a problem

Now that you have twenty ways for the fortune telling mystic to find the secrets of the universe relating to your PC's (besides Cartomany - the reading of cards and Scrying - viewing in a crystal ball, because those are WAY too old hat), you need a collection of mystic revelations for them to spout. So here they are - 20 Future Mysteries Revealed. Enjoy!

  1. A person or creature that you will encounter will appear to be of a lowly status, but in fact is the emmisary of a powerful warlord. A blue bird and a tuning fork on a dirty street will help you find him or her. The fates will show no more this.

  2. Will-o-the-wisps will guide you to a sunken ruin long-hidden in a vast swamp. It is a playground for Ghasts and Gaunts, but also home to an item you require. Take a shovel and a hooded lantern when you go.

  3. You will encounter a monk whose task it is to keep safe a magic bottle which imprisons the spirit of a powerful sorceror from the last age. The sorceror's spirit knows the answers you seek, but it will certainly lie.

  4. I see a future event. The clandestine robbery of ancient tome from a powerful aristocrat ends in flames and disaster. It was unknown that the aristocrat was both a powerful wizard in disguise hiding from assassins and extermely paranoid.

  5. I see a beautiful and clean child delivering a message to you. You are in an exotic city and the envelope is perfumed. The script on the outside is delicate and flowing. I cannot make out what it reads. Wait. The scene shifts . . .

  6. A beautiful woman, the leader of a group of healers is currently on a trying quest to find the origin of her order. She needs your help. Her success is your success and your success will be hers. These are the words of the fates. Go now and make it so! You will know her by the ivy braided into her hair.

  7. I see circus performers: a tight-rope walker, an animal trainer, and a strong man. I see a lion become a manticore. I see a hidden dragon revealed. I see people screaming, a fire, children dying. Fire in the darkness spreading throughout the city. You can change this future.

  8. I see a corrupt and evil intelligence from another world moving from mind to mind and body to body, getting closer and closer to someone near the throne. It hides its victims, as well as it hides its intentions. You must be careful; it knows you are coming for it.

  9. You will meet a wizard's homunculus, who is dour and sly. He can lead you to the bandit stronghold of a sorceress whose magic is said to lull even the most powerful to sleep. You must have something that she wants, but only the crows know what that is.

  10. I see a wealthy merchant's son with long black hair. He is refined and crafty, yet trifles with the wrong woman and all is lost. I see a young woman, wronged by the merchant's father, plotting her revenge. I see murder, gold, and blood. I see you profit from this at first, but then lose everything because of it.

  11. I see a lonely child grow up with no friends. I see a lonely man saddened by the hatred of life. I see a crossroads and a deal gone bad. Another lonely suicide ghost wandering forever lost, yet tied by fate to you. Seek the ghost and release his spirit to rest by doing for him what he could not do for himself and he can provide the secret you need.

  12. I see a small stone becoming a giant crocodile. I see immense sadness and hatred. I see a wealthy merchant-priest with a dark secret. I see children on an auction block. I see slavery most cruel. I see the secret discovered and the discoverer devoured. All is love and hate; young and old. The wheel turns on forever unless broken by heroes.

  13. I see a slow moving caravan coming to a magical festival. I see numerous wizards from every discipline of magic coming together. I see a drunk and angry barbarian hunter searching the dark streets for revenge. Go save him before he is killed and he can aid you.

  14. You must find a torture chamber buried deep in the bowels of a forgotten castle. Within the torture chamber, now haunted by the ghosts of those who were slaughtered there, is the ghost of the torturer queen herself. You must find and trap her spirit; it can lead you to the artifact that you seek.

  15. The captain of a group of foriegn mercenaries, a blind monk, and a spider monkey will be the signs that you are growing near to the place that you have seen in your dreams. It will be dusk and you will be looking east when you find the key that you seek.

  16. In a broken down tower next to the sea, the home now of only birds and ghosts, you will find a large iron-bound chest. Within the chest is a vast fortune, but hidden in the lid is a small gold earring torn from the ear of Asmodeus himself. The visions fade before I can see where exactly the tower is.

  17. I see a brilliant magical prodigy disguising themselves in order to slip into the High Sultan's harem. I see a wise advisor, a hidden master of the arcane, reveal the ploy to the High Sultan. I see the brilliant boy tortured and killed for his indescretions, while the wily advisor steals the boy's magic and makes it his own. You must stop this and save the boy.

  18. I see a luckless, assassin, shunned by the guild for taking outside contracts conspiring with a pure blood yaun-ti cleric and sorceress in a dark and seedy tavern. If their plans succeed the kingdom will be ruled by the snake cult.

  19. I can see a great battlefield littered with the dead. Tattered and forgotten banners whip in the wind as the carrion birds feast upon the fallen dead. Sitting on a stump, talking to himself, and laughing is a wizard-jester, who is a master of illusion. He is a part of your chain of souls.

  20. A hermit priestess dances naked in the moonlight. Her body is covered in plum wine and the sheen of it reflects as she gyrates around a small cairn. Her part is unknown for now, as is the part of the large, black, man-eating stallion that you must capture and tame.

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