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The Quest to Slay Polyphaemus Product Update

We are proud to annouce a replacement of one of our previous products with a newer and better version with more quality content and more art. If you previously purchased Wot's in My Grub Bowl, then please check your email for a message from Although this product has been discontinued, you will received this new product based upon it for free. If you are a Patreon backer, then you should check your email because you ALSO got this new product for free. If you just happen to be one of the first 10 people who think they would like a free copy of this, then keep reading and see if you would like it. You will find out how to get a copy below.

The Pirate GM's Nautical Adventures - The Quest to Slay Polyphaemus is a miniature sourcebook on ancient Greek life and an Old School Style D&D adventure for characters levels 1st to 4th with stats for both 1st Edition Rules and 5th Edition Rules. The characters will be a part of the heroic crew of the triconter galley called the Taxidioton or Traveler. They seek adventure and exploration in the name of their King Theocydes, but Posiedon puts them on a course that might mean the end of both the ship and the crew. They will have to brave birds, beasts, harpies, and perhaps a cyclops or two. If this sounds like an adventure that you might like running because your group has Ancient Greek Hero characters already or you want to try out some Ancient Greek / Bronze Age adventuring, then click on the picture below. If the Gods are with you, then you will be granted a free copy. :)

Please remember that our GM's Day Sale is going on now. Until the end of March ALL of our products will be priced $1 or less. Don't miss out on this once a year sale. Click the banner below to shop our products. As always, thank you for your support. Happy Gaming!

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