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10 Minor Magic Items That Rock

Honestly, this post should be entitled "10 Minor Magic Items That Are Rocks", but I shortened it for at least 2/3 of a pun on today's content. Not all magical items are flashy and powerful, some are just simple items that help out in minor ways. Today, One-Armed Sal is having a sale on some cold, hard magic items that you or your PC's might like. Take a look and let Sal know if anything strikes your fancy.

  1. Soup Rock -- A roundish common looking stone approximately 2" in diameter. When a soup rock is added to a pot with water and heated over a fire, it becomes a roughly 2"X 2" square of meat which will add juices and flavor to the other ingredients in the soup based upon its color. Brown rocks add beef flavor; yellow rocks add chicken flavor and white rocks add fish flavor. The stone itself cannot be eaten and NO actual meat is added to the soup, only the flavor. The soup rock may be used once each day.

  2. Rocky Talkies -- A set of six rectangular stones, each one roughly the size and shape of 1/4 of a brick. When you speak into one of the stones, all of the other stones repeat what you said as long as they are within 1 mile of the stone spoken into. For being rocks, these items are extremely delicate. If one of the rocky talkies is dropped, struck or experiences any electrical shock, it must make a DC 11 saving throw or be destroyed.

  3. Warning Stones -- A set of six small smooth round stones all white in color. Each stone has a small black number, 1 through 6, carved into it. These stones serve as a sentry for outdoor camps. When placed around the camp and then activated with the command words: "en garde", the stones will form an invisible circle of defense 40 yards in diameter. When the circle is penetrated by a creature larger than a rabbit, the nearest stone will scream loudly "Perimeter breach! Stone number 3!" three times before going silent, giving sleeping PC's the chance to wake up. Note: the stone number announced will be the one triggered, but multiples can be triggered at the same time if there are numerous opponents. Once triggered, the stones require 4 hours to reset their magical warning before the circle will work again.

  4. Shrieking Stones of Defense -- A set of 15 jagged black stones with sharp, glass-like spines about an inch in diameter. These stones are also for protecting an outdoor encampment. The stones are given a password and then tossed into the campfire. Ten minutes later, anyone approaching within 20 yards of the campfire must say the password or be subject to three attacks per round at +10 to hit and 2-5 damage for each attack until they do. The stones shriek loudly as they fly towards their target(s), giving sleeping PC's the chance to wake up. Because the stones are stored in the firepit prior to their activation, there is a 1 in 6 chance per stone of it also doing 1-3 fire damage to the target in addition to its normal damage. Stones that deal damage lose their magic and are no longer part of the set.

  5. Listening Stones -- A set of 13 multicolored small stones each about an inch in diameter. Each stome may be activated individually by squeezing it. Once activated, the stone will record all sounds within a 20 foot diameter for four hours and then it will shut off. When the same stone is activated again, it will replay all of the sounds that it recorded. The stones are good for only one recording each.

  6. Light Stone -- A small white disc of a rock carved with "rays" around its edges. The disc is woven into a leather pendant necklace and the entire thing is kept within a rune-covered grey leather bag. The disc gives off light like the sun in a 20 foot radius for 3-10 (1d8+2) hours after being removed from the bag. The item must be recharged by being in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours between uses.

  7. Sounding Stones -- These small rocks are a little less than 2" in diameter and are comprised of a soft stone that is easily carved. The carvings are of things like bottles, dogs, boots, a sword and shield, etc. When these small stones strike a hard object after being thrown, they begin a audial illusion, lasting 1 minute, relating to the shape of the stone. Bottle shaped rocks sound like breaking bottles. Dog shaped rocks sound like barking dogs. Boot shaped rocks sound like foot steps, while sword and shield shaped rocks sound like a fight.

  8. Hornet Stone -- This is a yellow and black striped rock, oval in shape and about 3" in diameter. When the command word: Bzzrt! is spoken and the rock is thrown, then the area in a 20 foot diameter circle where the rock strikes will be immediately attacked by a swarm of angry hornets as if a hornet's nest had just been broken by the thrown rock. The rock may be used only once.

  9. Dark Rocks -- These small black pebbles are activated by squeezing. Once activated, each pebble will generate a 20 foot radius darkness spell if it sharply strikes something within one minute, otherwise it will return to its un-activated state. Each pebble is only good for one use and the darkness can be dispelled by either a dispel magic or a light spell.

  10. Sage Stones -- The newest thing in portable sage technology, this thin and flat roughly 3" X 5" obsidian rectangle, doesn't look like much, but it can answer nearly any common question asked of it. To use the device, one simply says its command word and then a question. For example, "Cyrean, is there a fine inn nearby with a good traveller's stew?" To which the device might answer in a pleasing melodic voice "There are 3 fine inns serving traveller's stew in your area. I will provide directions to the closest one. . .", at which point an interactive map would display on the device. The real problem is that these items are highly flaky in the field. Sage Stones only have a 20% chance to work when you are outside of a major city without access to the tall thin Cyrean Towers that are an integral part of the magic.

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