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20 Pieces of Idle Gossip

Sometimes your PC's are trying to gather information. They are trying to find out about what is going on in the town and you suddenly realize that your adventure has TONS of gossip about what you really want them to follow up on, but NOTHING about anything else. This is for those times. This is a collection of hot air. Words spoken in front of, but not necessarily to, the PC's. It's probably all just bunk and nonsense, but something in it might be true. I leave it to you to decide. Here are 20 Pieces of Idle Gossip for you and your PC's to enjoy.

  1. Duke Algernon the Just has been replaced by a clever shapeshifter with unknown evil plans.

  2. The Convent of St. Agnes the Blessed is just the front for an assassin's guild.

  3. People tell the tale that Quadroalion the Crafty, the legendary blue dragon of the last age, kept a lair at the bottom of Harp Lake.

  4. The bartender of this place knows where there's a great treasure. I overheard him discussing it with his mates.

  5. I heard that the Temple of Gwan Tar commands fanatical devotion from its followers and that they must give every worldly thing they own to the priests to be worthy of redemption.

  6. My grandfather used to tell a tale that the Dwarves of Thundertop Mountain made pacts with all manner of dragons and that is why their armor is so renowned for its durability.

  7. Rumour has it that the local blacksmith recently discovered that he has inherited a fortune from his long-lost brother. He's making plans to travel all the way to the capital to claim his windfall.

  8. Everyone is whispering that the Baron has put Sir Darion on notice that if he and his men screw up again, they will be assigned to patrol the far border between the swamps and the river.

  9. Everyone in the United Dockworkers Union is a were-rat. If the temples and guards won't do anything, someone is going to have to.

  10. No way that the Grey Monk just wanders around helping and healing people; he's got to be a spy or a hidden assassin waiting for his chance to strike.

  11. You'd do well to leave this place faster than you got here. This whole area has been cursed by a wretched hag and you'll find nothing but decay and despair.

  12. The Teamster's Guild has a secret deal with some underdark race. My cousin knows because he overheard part of a conversation, but they didn't know he was there.

  13. The high cleric of Tyr has a second wife and a secret child among the Shunned, those cast outside the walls of the citadel for their continued crimes against the Gods.

  14. The Elves of the Silver Vale have a secret weapon that keeps them safe from any harm.

  15. It's whispered by some that the Toad and Unicorn Pub was built in what used to be an abattoir that had a demon-worshipping cult in its basement.

  16. The Mayor of Bakerstown is a scheming scoundrel who is both a bully and cheats on his taxes.

  17. It is rumored that the Pie Man in the town square, who vends his pies with simple rhymes, is actually an oracle of great power.

  18. Watch out if you have to deal with the Brewers Guild; they tried to pay their taxes last year with copper coins covered in a thin gold plate.

  19. Be cautious travelling near the river. The Orcs of the Moon Skull Tribe are river pirates who make slaves of their captives and sell them at market.

  20. Some say that there is a band of fey bandits, led by a brownie and a sprite, who are attacking rich targets travelling through the Golden Wood Pass.

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