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Bard College of the Shanty Master for 5e

Today, I decided to post a link back to a piece that I did for Tribality a while back. There are two reasons for this. First, I think that you should be aware of ALL of the great gaming resources on Tribality and second, because I am working on something special. So, if you have a 5e Bard character and you are looking for a different college, then you might like the link below. However, I encourage you to check out Tribality, even if you don't give one song about sea-faring Bards on sailing ships, because there is a ton of great RPG stuff there. Here's the link to the article ---> http://tribality.com/2015/09/03/bard-college-of-the-shanty-master/ Later on this weekend, my Patrons will be getting a small sample of Black Shark Enterprises latest project, Simple Simon's Critical Hits for Sailing Ships.

Ship to ship combat during the Age of Sail is thrilling to watch and exciting to read about, but often falls flat in an RPG. The reason, of course, is once those stones/spells/cannonballs start flying between the ships, the game suddenly turns into a subtraction problem.

“Have we exceeded its structural hit points?”


Simple Simon's Critical Hits for Sailing Ships was created to solve that problem. Inside you will find . . .

  • Critical Hit Charts and Tables Detailing Damage to Hull, Rigging, and Crew

  • Charts for Ships with 3 Masts, Ships with 2 Masts, Single-Mast Sloops, and Simple Single-Mast Ships likes Greek galleys and Viking longboats

  • Notes on Repair Times, Permanent Damage, and Sinking

  • NO real knowledge of ships required; it's that simple to use.

  • Usable in any RPG.

Put the Excitement of Storytelling into your Ship to Ship Combats.

Simple Simon's Critical Hits for Sailing Ships will be available via RPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com in Late March 2016. Remember that Patrons who are members of the crew will get the full pdf one week before its general release. It pays to be a patron.

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