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20 Treasures Better Than Gold

On Wednesday, I am often thinking about the rewards of the coming weekend and those thoughts led me to treasure. Treasure is often the motivation for RPG adventures and I have talked about treasure twice before, once in Treasures That Aren't and again in Troublesome Treasures. Neither of those pieces contains a list of 20 items however, so I wrote this one to add to the set. I hope that you enjoy it.

At low levels, most old school PC's crave gold, gems, and magic for treasure. But just like money today, gold is often just a means to a different end. Usually characters want to trade some of that wealth in for items, spells, training, or something else. As they rise in levels and power, many PC's see their need for gold itself wane only to be replaced by needs that cannot be purchased with a chest full of gold. What follows are some suggestions that I hope will help you to create some treasures better than gold for your own games.

  1. A Formal Absolution of Sins and a Re-Communication back into the Church

  2. The Knowledge of an Arcane Secret Held by only a Rare Few

  3. The Execution of an Enemy Held by a Third Power

  4. A Pardon from the Royal Prisons

  5. A Grant of Nobility within the Kingdom with (or without) Lands

  6. Rare Access to a Learned Ancient Sage

  7. A City Park with a Heroes Monument

  8. A Mount of the Highest Breeding and Training Available

  9. A Royal Holiday in Your Name with a Parade of Triumph

  10. The Elimination of Bureaucratic Red Tape for Some Endeavor

  11. The Grant of a Country Estate with Servants and Income

  12. A Well-Provisioned Ship with a Hearty Crew at Your Disposal

  13. A Seat on the High Council of Peers

  14. Access to the Royal Mages College Library's Collection of Rare and Powerful Tomes

  15. Full Membership at the Master Level in a Guild with All Associated Priviledges

  16. Temporary Use of a Religious or Magical Artifact of Great Power

  17. One Week in the Sultan's Harem

  18. An Ancient Map to a Forgotten Trade City Buried Beneath the Sands of the Desert

  19. Manumission from Slavery and the Granting of Full Citizenship

  20. The Gift of an Innate Magical Power

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