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The Island of Lost 5e Monsters: The Baluchitherium and The Dragonne

Today, we are returning to the Island of Lost 5e Monsters to see what other beasts from the days of 1e yore we can find. Here are where the other 5e monsters that we've already found are kept. This time I thought that we would go after some "big boys", so to speak. Without further delay, here are the Baluchitherium and the Dragonne for your pleasure and your PC's torture.



Number Appearing: 1-3

AC: 15

HP: 218 (14d20+78)

1 Attack

Trample +9 to hit 20 Dmg (3d8+8)

Alignment: Neutral

Size: Gargantuan (20'+ Tall)

Speed: 40 feet (charging)

The Baluchitherium is a form of prehistoric herbivore; it is a distant ancestor of the rhinoceros. Baluchitheria are extremely territorial and will charge any who wander into their grazing area, not stopping until they are trampled to death. These creatures are most often found in plains, prairies, grasslands, and savannahs. Usually encountered as one creature. If there are two, then they are a mated pair. If there are three, then the third is an offspring. Roll percentile dice to determine the size and % of hp for the young baluchitherium.


Very Rare

Number Appearing: 1

AC: 18/15

HP: 103 (9d8+58)

3 Attacks

Claw +8 to hit 11 Dmg (1d8+7)

Claw +8 to hit 11 Dmg (1d8+7)

Bite +8 to hit 16 Dmg (3d6+7)

Special Attack: Roar (see below)

Alignment: Neutral

Size: L (5' Tall at Shoulder)

Speed: 50 feet (charging)/20 feet (flying)

A dragonne is a strange cross between a giant lion and a brass dragon. It is unknown whether they result only from experimentation or if they are capable of reproducing from mating. Dragonnes are both extremely solitary creatures and very rare. While they can speak both draconic and the language of sphynxes, dragonnes tend to be more animalistic in their behavior than civilized. They fight with their terrible claws and vicious fangs, but their most feared weapon is their roar. When the dragonne roars all characters within 120 feet of the creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or lose 50% of their Strength (rounded down). Additionally, anyone within 30 feet of the dragonne when it roars must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be deafened. Both effects from the roar last for 2-12 rounds. Deafened characters gain a -1 to hit modifier due to disorientation. Dragonnes are able to fly, but they do not do it very well. They normally choose to fight on the ground, but may initially dive down from above to gain surprise in a fight. Dragonnes can only sustain their flights for a short amount of time; the most at one time that a dragonne can fly before taking a short rest is 200 yards. Dragonnes most often make their lairs in the lonliest parts of deserts, scrub, savannahs, and mountains.

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