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20 Guilds Your PC's Might Encounter

The picture above is of the House of the Blackheads in Riga, Latvia. The Brotherhood of Blackheads was a trade guild founded in the 1300's. If you are intersted in the history of guilds, you should read about them in the link. Today's post is a follow up to yesterday's post that offered 20 different groups that your PC's might encounter. The hope is that this post will help to fix the imbalance of the previous post. This table is for guilds and other more organized groups that may seem to be a little more on the lawful side of things than those in yesterday's post. Feel free to use these however you wish.

  1. The Royal Explorers Guild

  2. The Beggar's Guild of Port Tregar

  3. The Noble Artisans Guild

  4. The Royal College of Alchemical Sciences

  5. The Bounty Hunters Guild

  6. The Esteemed Cotton Guild

  7. The Bards Guild Local #47

  8. The Royal College of Symbols and Heraldry

  9. The Ancient and Sacred Order of Masons

  10. The Free Fighters of Dornica

  11. The Mercenaries Guild

  12. The Locksmiths Guild

  13. The Grave Diggers Guild

  14. The Navigators Guild

  15. The Dock Workers Guild

  16. The Teamsters Guild

  17. The Weavers Guild

  18. The Royal College of Sorcery

  19. The Master Carpenters Guild

  20. The Non-Dwarven Miners Guild

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