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20 Groups for your PC's to Avoid or Join

First, let me brag on the artist of today's pic. This is "The Distinguished Mercenary" by Toni Justamante Jacobs. You can see a lot more cool character portraits and other stuff at the ARTOFJUSTAMAN, so check it out.

Second, today's post is a collection of group and organization names that might be used as either friends or foes to your PC's. Perhaps they just have information or they might be hiring. Feel free to use them however you wish. Sometimes a GM just needs a halfway-decent sounding group name and this table is for those times. Enjoy.

  1. The Gang of Seven

  2. The Moose Stalker Clan

  3. House Silver Lake

  4. The Bloody Hand Tribe

  5. The Disciples of Holy Light

  6. The Oath Knights of Tindarian

  7. The Fellowship of the Ruby Dragon

  8. Monks of the Dawn Star

  9. The Elven Followers of Ki Zhu Shin

  10. The Order of the Oaken Heart

  11. Knights of the Black Moon

  12. The Lace Hand

  13. The Gutter Boys

  14. Warriors of the White Skull

  15. The Undercity Maintenance Guild

  16. The Abbesses of Sinful Devotion

  17. The Justicars of St. Michael

  18. The Shadow Cloister

  19. The Orphans of St. Agnes the Kind

  20. The Fraternity of the Scarlet Cloak

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