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The Island of Lost 5e Monsters: The Axebeak and The Catoblepas

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post here concerning some old school monsters that did not appear in the D&D 5e Monster Manual. I have decided to make this a semi-regular feature of the blog, so let us return to the misty shores of the Island of Lost 5e Monsters to see what we can find. Ah, look there, towards the swamp. Two perfect examples of lost monsters, the axebeak and the catoblepas. Let's row in a little closer to get a better look at them, but quietly. We wouldn't want to stir them up. . .



Number Appearing: 1-6

AC: 14

HP: 30 (3d8+16)

3 Attacks Total

Talon +5 to hit 4 Dmg (1d8)

Talon +5 to hit 4 Dmg (1d8)

Beak +5 to hit 8 Dmg (2d8)

Alignment: Neutral

Size: Large (7'+ Tall)

Speed: 40 feet (running)

Axebeaks are strong carnivorous flightless birds. It is uncertain whether they are from prehistoric stock or just the creations of some mad genius, but these loud birds make excellent guards. Axebeaks are fast runners and quite aggressive hunters during the daylight hours. They hunt in packs of 1-6 and will concentrate on isolating and eliminating the weakest target first which they determine by size and speed, with small slow targets being the top priority.

**Oops! I apologize for my error. The Axe Beak does appear in the D&D 5e Monster Manual on page 317 in Appendix A: Miscellaneous Creatures.**


Very Rare

Number Appearing: 1-3

AC: 13

HP: 80 (6d8+38)

2 Attacks Total:

Tail +7 to hit 4 Dmg (1d8)

Bite +7 to hit 4 Dmg (1d8)

Special Attack: Death Gaze (55 Dmg (10d10) Save vs. Wisdom for half)

Alignment: Neutral

Size: Large (6' Tall at Shoulder)

Speed: 20 feet (top speed running)

Another strange beast of unknown origins is the dreaded catoblepas. Found most often in marshes, swamps, and fens, these foul smelling beasts appear to be the unholy blending of a snake, a water buffalo, and a demon. Their deadly tails move with a whip-like speed and, seemingly, a mind of their own. The catoblepas is 75% (- 5% per level of victim) likely to stun (for 1d10 rounds) the first member of the party hit by the tail. Afterwards, the group will be wary of the swiftly snaking tail with a mace-like end. The creature likes to dine upon creatures which have been stunned by its tail.

The catoblepas has a very weak neck which causes its head to often be bent low to the ground. The head of the catoblepas is like that of a baleful demon and once per round those that meet the creature's gaze must take 55 hit points (10d10) of necrotic damage (Save vs. Wisdom for half damage) as the fear of certain death grips their heart. When initially encountering the creature, it is only 33% likely to get an attack with its gaze. If that attack fails or does not occur, then the catoblepas has only a 20% chance (+10% per round) of using the death gaze on a party member. If the first attack is successful, then the catoblepas still has a 33% chance of success unless party members declare that they are looking away from its head. On a successful bite attack, there is 30% chance of hitting with the Death Gaze.

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