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20 Mimics Ready to Eat Your PC's

Apologies to all for my long absense; I have been quite ill for some time, but have finally shaken the bug that I was sure was going to be my end. As a tribute to the illness that snuck up on me and then nearly killed me, I have decided to make my first post of 2016 about monsters that try to do the same thing to adventurers everywhere: Mimics. The Monster Manual describes mimics as shapeshifting predators able to take on the forms of inanimate objects to attract prey to themselves. The most common forms taken by mimics are doors and chests, but that doesn't mean they are limited to those shapes. Remember that mimics are sometimes intelligent enough to be bargained with; these are the mimics that are the most dangerous. Within the text below, I chose to capitalize and highlight the mimics so that none of them could sneak up on you; they're tricky and we wouldn't want any accidents. Without further delay, I present for your enjoyment 20 mimics ready to eat your PC's.

  1. In the basement of the old tavern is a Great Cask of Wine marked "Amontillado Prime Vintage", but the year is obscured and cannot be read.

  2. Among the treasures scattered about the room is an Armor Stand that has something draped over it covering what the armor is.

  3. The Shaintar Thieves Guild is headquartered within the Red Light Boarding House. The guild master keeps a mimic as a pet to dispose of "trouble". Its favored form is that of a Bath Tub. >;^D

  4. In the corner of the room, next to a small pile of bones, is an extremely comfortable looking Camp Bed. The pillow seems fluffy and the blankets look warm; it invites you to rest.

  5. In the midst of the passageway is a Wooden and Steel Portcullis that has already been smashed out of the way by something else. You will just need to crawl through the wreckage.

  6. On one side of the alchemist's laboratory is a Massive Wooden Desk with a Rolltop. It is mostly rolled closed; only a small sliver of the desktop is visible.

  7. Among the numerous bookcases in the room, a few stand out. One vast Wooden Bookshelf lays on its side, partially smashed, a tumble of books and items have spilled from its shelves and lay in front of it.

  8. Sitting at the end of the warehouse is a Small Pile of Shipping Crates resting on a damp tarp, but nothing else. If the halflings were hiding in here, they're long gone now. >;^D

  9. Amidst the chaos of the room is a Wooden Speaker's Lectern. Nearly 5 feet high and 4 feet wide, the great wooden stand holds a massive tome and sits over a dark stain in the carpet.

  10. Among the various treasures in the trove is a 6' high x 4' wide x 4' deep Metal Safe. The door is inset 6" and the dial is inset from the door. The rogue is gonna eat this one up! >;^D

  11. Against the far wall sits a deeply weathered Stone Throne. Faded details show an ornate pattern, while scarred holes seem to indicate gem stones stolen long ago. A faint script can barely be seen at the top of the back. Perhaps if someone crawled into the throne . . .

  12. At the end of the hall sits a Large Wardrobe, one of its doors is slightly open and there appears to be a cloak of some sort hung on the inside of it.

  13. Just around the corner is a 3' wide Metal Ladder leading up through a small hole in the ceiling.

  14. In the middle of the ruined hall is an 8' long Wooden Banquet Table. In the middle of the table seem to be some fruit bowls, wine skins, and trays of sweetmeats just under the linen covers.

  15. Just inside the door to your left sits a 6' long Silk-Covered Divan. It is a deep garnet in color and just begs to be touched. >;^D

  16. In the middle of the far wall sits some sort of large Ornate Musical Instrument; perhaps it is a harpsichord. Sit down and play a little tune.

  17. A 6' tall, heavily-weathered Stone Statue of a weeping seraphim sits discarded in this small closet. Don't blink. >;^D

  18. A half-broken down Wooden Door and Doorframe sit oddly askew in the middle of the hallway.

  19. At the end of the rotting dock, tied to one of the aged pilings, sits an old Wooden Rowboat. It might be big enough to get you off the island, but you'll have to get in it to check it out.

  20. A massive 5' tall Stone Vase that seems to have some gems at the bottom of it refuses to be knocked over. Someone will have to crawl inside if they want the shinies.

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