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Gobbits - The Special Servants of Witches in October

Halloween is a time for children and the young at heart to explore what frightens them. Keeping with this central core of Halloween is today's post. The idea behind the Gobbits is to create a small monster that is more disgusting than dangerous and more funny than horrible to help introduce younger players to the game. This is not to say that Gobbits are for novices only; a devious GM could easily wreak havoc with a few of them, even against experienced players. Without further delay, allow me to present the witch's most trustworthy temporary ally: The Gobbit.

Tiny construct, neutral


Armor Class: 13 (natural armor)

Hit Points: 4/8* (see below)

Speed: 30 Feet


STR: 4(-3) DEX: 13(+1) CON: 11(0) INT: 10(0) WIS: 10(0) CHA: 3(-3)


Damage Immunities: Poison

Condition Immunities: Charmed, Poisoned, Sleep

Senses: Dark Vision (60 feet), passive Perception 10

Languages: Unable to do more than jibber themselves, gobbits understand all the languages of their creator.

Challenge: 0 (10 XP)


Gobbits are a limited-lifetime, magical construct of a witch made from her very own parts. Created by means of a special ritual, Gobbits are constructed from boogers, hair, toe nails, sweat, and scabs from the creating witch harvested during the fool moons throughout the year. No witch may create more gobbits than their CON/2. Gobbits come to life on October 3rd each year and all cease to exist when the final stroke of midnight fades in the early morning of November 1st. Gobbits have 4 hit points except for 2 nights, October 30th and October 31st, when they have 8 hit points.

A witch shares a telepathic bond with all of the gobbits that she created, but only one at a time. When the witch is concentrating upon it, she can see what any one of her gobbits can see and can communicate telepathically with her creation. The witch must be the one to intiate this communication; i.e. a gobbit cannot telepathically summon the witch. This telepathic bond is limited in size, extending no more than 3 miles from the witch herself. The gobbits can be sent beyond the range of the bond, but this is rarely done.

Each type of gobbit has a special ability based upon what core substance it is primarily constructed from. Here is a list of those abilities:

  • Booger Gobbits -- Because they are so sticky, they can walk on walls and ceilings like the floor.

  • Hair Gobbits -- Have a special grappling/tripping attack at +2 in addition to their bite.

  • Toe Nail Gobbits -- Because of the material they are made of, they have a +2 armor class bonus.

  • Sweat Gobbits -- Because they are mostly invisible due to their material, they have Stealth at +5.

  • Scab Gobbits -- Because they are truly horrifying to look at, they have a fear attack. PC's seeing them must save vs. fear(Wis) DC 11.

Every gobbits has a bite attack. It is a melee weapon attack at a +3 to hit with a 5 foot reach. Damage from the attack is 1-2 hit points of damage. Everyone bitten must make a save vs. poison(Con) DC 15 for each bite they receive. On a failed save the bitten area begins to look infected after an hour. After a day, the bite area will begin to look putrid and rotting while the infected looking area grows larger. Each hour and each day things will look worse and worse; perhaps the bitten will turn into zombies or become gobbits themselves! The poison makes things appear much worse than they really are, but does know additional damage. All effects of the poison disappear when the gobbits die after midnight on the 1st of November.


Well, that is the Gobbit. I hope that you can find some intersting uses for it this Halloween season. The witch theme will continue next time when I will tell you some of the things you find in a witch's hovel. Until then, happy haunting.

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