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20 Tools of the Prepared Witch Hunter

Witches are a problem no matter what time of year it is, but they always seem to get thicker in number as Halloween grows closer. Today's post explores what tools the prepared witch hunter keeps close at hand in order to triumph over all of the various forces of darkness that the great adversary unleashes upon the righteous. Whether the items listed below are advice from an experienced hunter to novice one, seeds for artifacts to be located by your PC's, or just something one idiot says to another in a bar is completely up to you. My hope is that this list will inspire you to create your own, much cooler, items for your own game. Whatever you choose, I hope that you find some enjoyment in the list. Happy hunting!

  1. A keen mind with the full text of the words of God completely committed to memory.

  2. A copy of the Malleus Maleficarum (the Hammer of Witches) or another witch hunting tome​ with information about witches, monsters, and their powers, plus proper conduct for tests and trials.

  3. A heavy bow or heavy crossbow, the choice left to the individual, for felling the greater beasts.

  4. A solid silver holy symbol that is both large and heavy enough to serve as a club when necessary.

  5. A relic of a Saint of the Faith, like the finger bone of St. Timmonds, to protect against evil and to guide the way when evil has concealed itself.

  6. A hex-proof leather shoulder bag for items and evidence that must be protected from evil magic​.

  7. A long, strong, and sharp steel blade blessed by a cleric of the faith.​

  8. A half-dozen stout oaken stakes, blessed by a cleric, about 18" in length and an iron hand maul.​

  9. A flintlock, black powder pistol for dealing with mortal henchman and knaves.

  10. A silver flask filled with the purest of holy waters from the mountain sanctums​ of Order of Truth.

  11. Three small clay jars filled with blessed oil, sealed with wax, and prepared with wicks.

  12. An oil-soaked torch, carved with holy script, that is easily lit by means of the flintlock pistol​.

  13. Silver-tipped ammunition, whether it is arrows, bolts, bullets, or all 3 depends upon each hunter.

  14. A cold-forged iron short sword for making quick work out of dark fey creatures​.

  15. Three pounds of pure rock salt certified from the salt mines of Kilroot on the Blessed Isle.

  16. Steel-reinforced leather gauntlets made and blessed by the monks at the Abbey of St Maurl​.

  17. A wide-brimmed, plain black, leather, traveling hat in the puritan style with a 3" wide silver buckle.

  18. A heavy, black, leather, duster-style coat with numerous pockets both inside and out​.

  19. Fifty feet of 4 stranded, shroud-laid, hempen fiber rope always with a right-hand twist. A sinister-twist rope can be used against you by the magic of your great adversary.

  20. Most importantly, absolutely unshakeable faith in his or her mission and the deity that he or she serves.

If you are at a complete loss as to why today's post is about witch hunters, then perhaps you are unaware of some of the items below. If you were aware of all of the items below, then please forgive the reiteration of this info.

Vin Diesel is starring in an upcoming movie called The Last Witch Hunter that opens this weekend in theaters across the country. Matthew Mercer has created a Witch Hunter class for D&D 5E and Vin Diesel has actually played it. You can read about it all here at Geek and Sundry. Have fun playing whatever kind of rpg you like during this frightful season. Next time, we will be sticking with the witch theme and I will present to you the secret, 100% loyal servants that witches create from their own parts.

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