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20 Grisly Scenes of Murder

Sometimes an excellent horror story must start with (or will enventually involve) a horrifying crime scene. Below are 20 scenes of murder most foul for you to use in your rpg's or horror stories. Be warned that these descriptions are NOT meant for minors and might be upsetting to you. Now that you have been duly warned, here are 20 Grisly Scenes of Murder. Enjoy!

  1. Something took a very large bite out of this streetwalker. Large as in half of her chest is gone.

  2. All that remains are red and black stains shaped like people burned permanently into the rock by an unknown magical explosion of significant force.

  3. The bodies of 6 of the King's Knights. They are dead, but do not appear to be harmed in any way.

  4. The old cleric's body is bound to the chair. A large holy symbol has been shoved down his throat.

  5. A living baby held in the arms of a dead and shirtless man covered in arcane tattoos. Both man and baby seem perfectly preserved in the destruction and chaos that is this room.

  6. Slumped over a long dead fire pit is a lone adventurer with an orcish axe protruding from his skull. Strangely, his pack and gear are untouched.

  7. A royal minister's body is discovered in the middle of a cornfield, several miles from the city where he lived. He appears to have fallen from a great height, but there is no place like that for 20 miles.

  8. The child's blue body floats in the river, caught by the outreaching branches of a fallen tree. It is completely waterlogged and bloated beyond recognition.

  9. 5 bodies, all of them young, healthy men in their early 20's, are dead with a single thrust to the heart from a rapier. They have been found in the sewer naked and without faces. The killer must have cut their faces off for some reason.

  10. The sage's throat was cut to the bone. The shelves and books here are covered in his blood. His notes and at least one book is missing. The crime happened minutes ago.

  11. You find a skeleton at the bottom of a 30' pit. It is in a sitting position and still wears mouldering clothes and has a decaying backpack. Oddly, among the skeleton's supplies is a potion of climbing.

  12. You come upon a grey and white charger nuzzling a fallen knight, whose body lies upon the ground. There is a single black shaft, 1 inch in diameter, with arcane carvings and raven feather fletchings that protrudes from the fallen hero's left eye.

  13. The Duke's hunting dogs have been found. Well, at least part of them has been found. Their heads and full skins were found hanging in a tree. The rest of the animals is nowhere to be found.

  14. A young mother cradles her baby in her arms. Both are dead. The look of complete horror on the woman's face is hard for even the toughest veteran to shake

  15. Naked and bound to a table, all of his major bones broken; this man is dead. If he knew anything, it looks like he must have taken it with him.

  16. 3 Bodies, 2 women and 1 man, all well-dressed and in their 30's. Their eyes have been burned out of their heads, but otherwise they seem in fine shape for corpses.

  17. A man in black leather armor, both hands wrapped tightly around the handle of his own knife. It appears that he was struggling to remove the blade from his chest when he died.

  18. This warrior has been sliced open with a single claw strike. She was cut open from the left shoulder to the top of the right thigh even though she was wearing chainmail.

  19. A sentry who fell asleep has paid the ultimate price. The man is sitting with his back propped up to a tree and his throat is cut from ear to ear. The orcs will likely have taken the rest prisoner.

  20. The body of this young girl has more holes in it than a pin cushion. She finaly bled out from numerous puncture wounds that happened over an extended period of time.

If you have made it all the way through this list and are still reading, then you might truly enjoy The Cthulhu GM's Nefarious Tentacle. You can check it out by clicking either the link or the picture below. Thanks for your support and happy haunting!

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