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An October Double-Feature: 20 Haunted House Dressings & 13 Devils for Dancing

I love october. I love fall, halloween, and scary movies. Today, you get a double-feature. Two tables instead of just one. The first is a collection of haunted furnishings for a haunted house. The second is a list of 13 Devils, with a short description about each one, that you might find useful for your horror games, if you do that sort of thing. If not, then hopefully you will just enjoy the read.

Haunted houses are creepy because bizarre things happen inside them. In any good horror movie, the tension builds and at first the house might seem old and creepy, but it does not immediately seem evil and murderous in the sorts of odd things it shows those who explore it. With that in mind, I hope that you can find some use for these 20 haunted house dressings. Enjoy!

  1. Furnishings change completely the second time you see them. For example, the PC's see an overstuffed red chair in the parlor. When they return to the parlor the chair is a white Louis XVIth.

  2. The PC's hear dripping water sounds; the sounds grow louder as they approach the bathroom. There is no water and no sign that water has worked in this bathroom for many years.

  3. The floor in the hallway suddenly swallows one of the PC's feet like quicksand. They sink as far as their waist before the floor hardens and they can be chopped out.

  4. Candles in a large candelabra at the end of a long hallway are extinguished by a gust of wind. One by one they relight until all are burning again.

  5. Shadows move along the wall that belong to those that once inhabited this house and walked through this very hallway. Once the PC's notice the shadows, they will group together and point at the PC's, seeming to whisper amongst themselves. After a short time, they will scatter, disappearing from the wall and joining the general gloom of the house.

  6. A single portrait moves through the house appearing on different walls as intruders inspect the property. The portrait looks more and more angry the deeper into the house the PC's venture.

  7. The PC's enter a room through a door and in that room they are the size of small mice. The door disappears behind them leaving only a mousehole in the wall, it doesn't go where they came from.

  8. The PC's note numerous pieces of life-like stone statuary throughout the house. All of the statues seem to have a terrified expression and/or are pointing at something. The statues are of all races.

  9. A half-door in a small office leads to a huge, multi-level library in which the books themselves are haunted by ghosts. Every ghost has their favorites and jelously guards them from any thieves.

  10. A big game trophy room with animal heads on the walls, standing stuffed trophies, and some weird creatures that the PC's do not recognize. Shadows move strangely across the walls here.

  11. A small study with a cigarette burning away in an ashtray on the desk. There are books that seem recently used, an active chemical distillery, and labelled jars full of body parts. A moment later, 100 years has passed. The books are dusty, the chemistry gone, as well as the jars, only the smell of smoke remains.

  12. A well-stocked art classroom with eight artist stations all surrounding a central torture chamber. Everything is clean and smells of lilacs and perfume.

  13. A whirlpool spa bath in the basement filled with frothy blood and pieces of decomposing bodies.

  14. A portrait gallery in which all of the people in the pictures are missing. Thus, there are numerous pictures of landscapes, empty chairs, and unmade beds. Where are all of the people?

  15. The first time the PC's enter this room, it looks like it has just been constructed - no carpet, no furniture. The second time it looks well-decorated and happy. The third time it is smoke-filled and seems to be halfway on fire. The fourth time the furniture is all under wraps; it still smells smoky.

  16. Everyone hears a strange sound. (Make seperate rolls fro each PC and let them fight about what's real. 1-a baby crying upstairs, 2-clanging sound coming from the basement, 3-childrens laughter running down the hall behind you, 4-a low growling from the fireplace, 5-cultists chanting in the next room, 6-sounds like a storm is blowing up outside; we may be trapped here for a while)

  17. The creaky old staircase can only support two people on it at a time. If a third person tries to get on the staircase before the first two have made it up to the next floor, then the staircase will buck and twist enough to send everyone to the bottom.

  18. A room full of weapons that were mounted to the walls are now fighting one another without any warriors to wield them. If they notice the PC's watching them, the weapons will attack the PC's.

  19. When looking around downstairs, the PC's see a delapidated parlor with the furnishings all covered; a decaying grand staircase at the back of the room leads to a wrap-around balcony. When looking down from the balcony the PC's can see (but not hear) a grand party that took place years ago when the estate was in its prime.

  20. Pitiful sounding baby cries come from small cages in the kitchen. The cages do NOT contain babies, but rather completely black chickens that cry like babies. The same number as the number of PC's.

Well that was pretty creepy, but it was just part one. Stay tuned for the other half of the double feature: 13 Devils for Dancing. There's plenty of pale moonlight in October; are you up on your steps?

Whether these are real devils, possessed souls, servants of satan, or something else is completely up to you. I only hope that you can find something useful in my collection of 13 Devils for Dancing. If you can't make use of any of the devils, then maybe you'll at least learn a new dance step or two. Enjoy!

  1. Melvin Phillip Stopheles appears to be a frumpish, but ruthless corporate accountant making money off the safety and security of the little guys. His rise to the top of AllSure Insurance has been a rocket ride.

  2. "Raisin Guy" or "Raisin Man" is a mysterious figure that some kids have talked about seeing and/or meeting in the parks where children have gone missing. He is really the ghost of Gilles de Rais come to find more innocent children for the devil's parties. He gives the children raisins.

  3. Coup D.E. Ville is a hot diva bitch in a sparkly red dress. She ALWAYS gets what she wants by successful application of the world's oldest profession. She's a hot ticket item. Rumor is that she's nibbling on the ears of senators these days.

  4. Father S. Haitan is the personal confessor and spiritual advisor to the heir to the throne. He is turning the prince against his other advisors. His chambers nearly always smell of sulpher and he's never seen if not in the company of the prince. Is he the devil, or is someone else?

  5. Lusty Lilith is a busty, beer-drinking, tough girl who loves to spur others (both men and women) into competitions for her affections. She is a devil who feeds off the conflict and violence she creates in others with her false affections.

  6. A local store just got a case of a new generic cleaner. It is called Red Devil Cleaner and features a caricature of a red devil on the label. People who buy and use the cleaner release the devil trapped inside and it kills them in a violent and horrible way. Afterwards, the cleaner bottles have no devil picture on them. Those who do not open the cleaner are not attacked until they do.

  7. When the PC's arrive at the Kendall Farm they will be told about the Jumping Devil's attack. It lept from the top of the barn down onto the wagon full of supplies that Pa Kendall was bringing home from market, wrecking it, and injuring him. The Devil then snatched Sarah May from the garden and then lept to the top of the silo and then into the corn. That was yesterday.

  8. A5_Mode_US is now a self-aware server in the middle of the UberBank Network. The foolish tech that caused this evil read and reread devil summoning rituals, practicing for his fantasy LARP, while doing routine server maintenence. A5_Mode_US may be happy with wrecking people's lives via their credit score right now, but wait until he/she/it discovers the internet.

  9. Little Lily Lost is a devilkin that takes the form of a lost child in need of help. Those who help her find that all manner of bad luck, ill fortune, and angry enemies are always right around the corner. She feeds on the suffering caused to those who protect her.

  10. The Red Hand Raiders are groups of undead pirates, vikings, mercenaries, and murderers who are animated by a devil touching them (leaving the red hand print where their name cames from) to rampage through an area until dawn. The raiders are often used as cover for more important infernal missions.

  11. Joe Dispater is a mullet-wearing, trailer-trash, low-life with no goals other than beer and women who happens to be the half-son of Dispater and Tammy-Raye Hawkins-Clint. Tammy-Raye was a pole dancer at The Devil's Panties Strip Club. Dispater is one of the Lords of Hell.

  12. Esmeralda the Crone is a shape-shifting witch who is working as a cross-roads dealmaker. If she can make the sucker's wish come true, then she doesn't have to turn the soul over. She can use it to bargain time off her own contract.

  13. Dr. Louis Cypher is a world-renown doctor who has the shiniest and best record, plus personal recommendations from numerous celebrities. Dr. Cypher has a fantastic bedside manner and seems to hate that his patients have to suffer so. Yet in reality, he is all about maximizing profits, testing drugs on patients, and causing as much suffering as possible through both minor errors (wrong perscription dosage, cancelled appointments, etc.) and major ones.

Hope you enjoyed the double-feature. Please be careful driving home and don't stop to pick up any strangers. Next time, we'll meet some ghosts. Until then, have fun gaming.

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