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20 Things in the Lair of the Mummy King

For the past few blog posts we have been exploring the desert, but as that old song says "all good things must come to an end" and so it must be with our exploration of the desert. With the beginning of October upon us, we will move our focus to monsters and their lairs. The mysterious Mummy King, rumored to entombed in the deep desert, and his lair seems the perfect way both to close out the desert tables and to bring in the monster tables.

The caravan master doesn't know what you'll find in the place the madmen speak of, but he'll happily point you the way. "Foolish adventurers," he thinks, "the only things to find out in the deep desert are death and madness." He was wrong. There's a grand pyramid near an oasis. All is quiet here save the faint sound of wind across the sands. You tie up your beasts and ready yourselves for the worst, if the cleric is right this is the lair of the Mummy King. Danger awaits. The outer doors swing open too easily. Your minds suddenly fill with the vision of a fish-faced man screaming "It's a trap!"

  1. Dusty hallways lined with colorful murals depicting the 10,000 Year Reign of the Mummy King

  2. Lifelike stone statuary of soldiers, scribes, and slaves doing ordinary tasks appear here and there.

  3. Dangerous and elaborate traps meant to injure or kill intruders in numerous horrible ways.

  4. A vast colony of sand beetles living within the stone walls of the pyramid, itself.

  5. A small office with a desk and a scroll rack. All of the scrolls are in an unrecognizable languange.

  6. A small room with a single chair under a large dome ceiling painted to display the night sky.

  7. Mummy preparation rooms with tables, tools, and step-by-step instructions painted on the wall.

  8. A store room full of long decayed food, including petrified bread loaves.

  9. A sunken room with a pool of crystal clear water under a multi-colored gemstone chandalier.

  10. A torture chamber that looks well-maintained, but it has no skeletons or dead bodies in it.

  11. The Hall of the King's Champions contains 1,000 skeletons still bearing their armor and weapons.

  12. A chamber resembling the King's Grand Chamber. Treasure, in the form of coins, gems, and jewelry litter the floor. Everything here is covered in a fine golden dust that is a deadly contact poison.

  13. A vast chamber holds a never-ending maze. Pressure plates hidden on the floor open and close new and old paths as the PC's move through the maze.

  14. A slimy, mud pit filled with undead crocodiles waiting to feast upon tomb robbers.

  15. A strange room filled with smooth columns and a enigmatic control panel labelled in a lost tongue.

  16. The black obsidian hallway of names. A long, winding dead-end hallway, 5' wide and 30' tall inscribed with glowing white names. The names of servant-wizards stretching into the long past.

  17. The Chamber of the Concubine is now the home to a lovely succubus, but perhaps it always was.

  18. The Queen's Grand Chamber holds marvelous treasures from across many dimensions covered in black mold spores likely to kill anyone who breathes in this room.

  19. A room lined in strange black boxes with blinking lights inset into the walls. The boxes hum

  20. The Chamber of the King contains a great (12' diameter) black sphere at its center. It looks like it should open, but the way to open it is not apparent.

Hopefully that will give you GM's a few good ideas for your own Mummy King lairs. If you crave more desert information, please be on the lookout for The Caravan Master's Patient Hand coming soon to RPGNow and DrivethruRPG.

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