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20 Animals to Encounter in the Desert

Today we will venture out into the desert wastes. Today's table is a list of animal encounters that your PC's might have in the desert. Why are we talking about desert animals today? Take a second, think about it. Is today Wednesday? Why yes, yes it is. Happy hump day, ya'll. Here's the table. ; )

  1. 1d8 Camels (1-2 They are wild, 3-4 They have been broken, but have no markings, 5-6 They have saddles, saddlebags, and markings, but no riders)

  2. 2-12 Aardwolves (Use a coyote or medium dog template) hunting for food.

  3. 1-2 Caracal (Desert Lynx) stalking the party.

  4. A swarm of Centipedes

  5. A Cobra has cuddled up with one of the PC's while they slept on the sand. Both are awake now and neither one of them is happy.

  6. As the sun goes down, the wings of a Giant Owl in flight cast their shadow over the PC's camp. The owl will wait for a single strike on something she can carry off (a gnome, a halfling, or a child would be perfect, as would a dog)

  7. A single Sand Cat (Geoffrey's Occelot) on the horizon. That may be a good direction to travel as they never range far from a known water source.

  8. Surprise! That sand dune isn't a sand dune it was a sleeping Giant Tarantula that is now awake, hungry, and upset.

  9. A vast cloud that looked like a distant sandstorm until it closed rapidly on the party has shown itself to be a huge Swarm of Locusts.

  10. 1d12 Vultures circle the dead carcass of some animal that is now mostly nothing but dried bones.

  11. 1d6 Giant Scorpions move silently across the dunes coming at the party from their left rear flank.

  12. A single Python uncoils itself after the last PC passes it, silently throwing off its covering of sand. The Python will follow the party attempting to strike when the PC's settle down into their bedding.

  13. A pack of 4-24 Hungry Hyenas crest the dunes in front of the PC's. If they outnumber the party they will attack, otherwise they will run away.

  14. 2-8 Blood Hawks have decided to make one of the PC's their next meal. It's like something out of a horror movie, as they all claw and strike at one opponent.

  15. The party may be able to detect the shifting sands and rumbling earth around them before the Ankheg bursts out of the sand dun and attacks.

  16. A swarm of 4-24 Giant Wasps are looking for prey to kill and fill with wasp eggs.

  17. 1d8 Jackals are stalking the party from the late afternoon on. They will wait for night before they strike the party. They will attempt to flee if the PC's try to engage them.

  18. 1d6 Giant Lizards calmly regard the party as they sun themselves on rocks.

  19. 2-12 Wild Goats travelling together as a small herd with no shepherd.

  20. A great rumbling directly under their feet for a count of 10 is the only warning the PC's will get to avoid the first attack of the Giant Sand Worm (Use Purple Worm Stats).

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