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20 (or More) Upper Class Desert City Citizens

Today we return to the desert to meet 20 (or more if you want to mix and match your rolls) upper class citizens. The idea here is to provide a collection of NPC's that might be main villains, evil henchmen, exotic patrons, or just background colors in your own desert story. I have tried to make the table as flexible as possible so that it could be used regardless of the rpg or system. Additionally, it should be understood that these NPC's is that they are in a social class that is untouchable by the PC's. These are the friends of the Sultan and the Vizier; these are the people in the city whose servants have servants. Unless your goal is a high level power-broker type of campaign don't use these folks too liberally. No more chatter; here's the table.

  1. Nassar Fuad Al Dar M Human Master of the Merchants' Guild Arrogant Easily-Offended

  2. Ameen Safi ibn Zaki M Elf Master of the Mages' Guild Tireless Agreeable

  3. Nadeena Khazi F Human Master of the Assassins' Guild Imaginative Hated for Sex

  4. Shahla Selek Soltani F Half-Elf Personal Secretary of the Vizier Frigid Attractive

  5. Toydamir Fahri M Human Master of the Caravan Guild Talkative Friendly

  6. Ishak al Kurtar M Halfling Master Astronomer Modest Untraditional

  7. Kevik Mehmet il Baykara M Human High Cleric of the Sulan's Faith Generous Secretive

  8. Hanlala ben Ziyaad M Tiefling Master Sage of Demonolgy Ambitous Naughty

  9. Ozgun Elmas M Human Master Magus of the White Circle Stoic Cowardly

  10. Ishamael Ghaali al Saber M Dragonborn Master Sage of History and Antiquaties Bitter Lonely

  11. Selina Ozbekki F Dwarf Master Architect Intelligent Alert

  12. Deniz Katya Barbakhan F Thri-kreen Master of the Royal Guard Loyal Fierce

  13. Marhad Raz Khayfir M Human Head of the Vizier's Guard Jealous Mysterious

  14. Zeena Rashid F Gnome Master Sage of Modern Wonders Fearful Worn Out

  15. Zina Bhadat F Elf High Cleric of the Elven Faith Serious Prejudiced

  16. Iranbanu Mirza F Half-Elf Master of the Thieves' Guild Peaceful Shy

  17. Zahra Abdi Kelz F Thri-kreen Ambassador from a Far-off Desert City Funny Mannered

  18. Yaasmeena Hassan F Halfling Master Alchemist to the Sultan Friendly Absent-Minded

  19. Nadir Essen ibn Karakoc M Human Judge of the High Courts Wealthy Thoughtful

  20. Abdul Noor al Khabir M Half-Orc Master of the Slavers' Guild Ambitous Sadistic

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